Campus-Based Politics Deferred

-UL Authorities Sound Tough
The Administration of the University of Liberia (UL) has announced with immediate effect the suspension of all student groups and campus-based political activities on all its campuses, until further notice.
Authorities at the State-run University said, no political group shall assemble or hold meetings or engage in any political-related activities on any UL campus while the suspension is in force.According to a dispatch issued in Monrovia over the weekend, the suspension affects political/solidarity marches, political gatherings, the wearing of symbols and emblems depicting and promoting campus-based political groups, student protests, among others.
As a caveat to students, a statement from the University notified any student who would challenge the last decision and get involved in any activity that disrupts normal university activity shall be expelled.
The statement added that “UL students have been reminded that the UL Student Handbook strictly prohibits the use of violence as a means of solving problems. According to rules 9, 10 and 11 of the UL Student Handbook, which states, “No student shall for any cause whatever insult, assault or batter teachers, staff, fellow students and other university personnel or visitors to the University campus.”
In a rather uncompromising manner, the school authorities have categorically declared that “insubordination shall not be tolerated, hostile and disrespectful behavior towards university authorities, government officials, visitors or university personnel and the use of provocative, abusive or other obscene language on campus whether against government officials, university employees, other students or otherwise is prohibited,” a statement from the university noted.
Meanwhile, the UL authorities have announced that penalty for violation shall range from warning, suspension to expulsion as the gravity of the case might warrant.
“The university remains open and students are encouraged to attend classes especially during this period of mid-term exams.”

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