LNP Prepares For International Assignments

Police Inspector General, Col. Patrick T. Suduerecently obtained a certificate in National and International Security in the USA; while in the U.S, the LNP Boss reportedly attended Harvard University Kennedy School of Executive Education, where he obtained the certificate. He departed Liberia on November 23, 2018 for the U.S in an effort to advance his skills and Knowledge in the area of National and International Security. He also met scores of UN executives in persons, including Mr. Shaowen Yang, Deputy Police Advisor at the Police Division office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Department of Peacekeeping Operations; Madam llene Cohn, Chief, Security Sector Reform Unit, Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions Department of Peace Operations; Mr. Ata Yenigun, Chief Selection and Recruitment Section, Police Division, Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions Department of Peacekeeping Operations; Mr. Isak Enstrom, Corrections Specialist Rule of Law, Justice, Security and Human Rights, Bureau of Policy and Programme Support UN Global Focus Point for Police, Justice and Corrections, UNDP; Madam Evelyn Edroma, Policy Specialist, Access to Justice and Security Sector Reform and Human Rights, UNDP.
The meeting according LNP dispatch was organized and graced by the Liberia Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Dee Maxwell SaahKamayah.
Col. Sudue, according to the dispatch made a case to the UN executives that the new Liberia National Police was an offspring of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, as such, the LNP should be accorded the opportunity to send one of its personnel at the UN headquarters in New York to serve as liaison from LNP to the UN and to also be given the chance to serve on future UN missions.Col. Sudue further expressed the need for technical support in fighting transnational crimes.
In response, the Deputy Police Adviser and Officer-In-Charge of the UNPOL, Shaowen Yang assured the LNP boss that the United Nations Police would continue to provide needed technical and other support to address short and long-term challenges facing the Liberia National Police (LNP).
He also concurred with the LNP boss in ensuring that the LNP appoints two of its personnel as liaisons, one of such, will be assigned at the UN headquarters while the second personnel will be at Central headquarters.
He also instructed Mr. IsakEnstrom to prepare a package and to work out the modalities for LNP inclusion in future missions.
The LNP boss also visited the New York Police Department, where he had meeting with some authorities of the NYPD, including Joseph Reznick, Deputy Commissioner of Internal Affairs NYPD; Thomas P. Galati, Chief of Intelligence, NYPD and John B. Hart, Deputy Chief Executive officer, Intelligence Bureau, NYPD.
Making effective use of the brief stay in the U.S, the LNP boss appealed to his counterparts to assist in building the criminal investigative capacity of its personnel and to develop coordination between the two Police entities to ensure a fight against terrorism and cyber-crimes and transnational crimes.
Meanwhile, the NYPD assured the LNP boss that they will extend technical support in terms of crimes investigations, transnational crimes and patrol methods.
Col. Suduealso visited the US States Department Field Office in New Jersey, where he had a meeting with R. Mike Escott, Supervisory Special Agent; Gretchen Koeritazer, Special Agent; Peter Carlson, Special Agent.
They also expressed interest in assisting the LNP with Technical Support and praised the Liberian government /LNP for the high level of cooperation, with the US Embassy in Liberia.

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