Saryee’s Achievements Stand Tall

-Recognized By African Journalists
In less than nine months in Government, the Managing Director for Technical Services at the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC), Dan T. Saryee has been recognized by a group of journalists under the banner “African Journalists Network of Liberia”.
Mr. Saryee, a long time dedicated and vocal civil society actor, received the group’s prestigious award in Monrovia Thursday during a brief ceremony organized by the journalists.Presenting the accolade to the honoree, the group’s Regional Coordinator, Roosevelt Giko recounted Mr. Saryee’s tremendous contributions to Liberia both in civil society and government over the years.
Giko disclosed that the decision to present the group’s highest honor to Mr. Saryee was taken in Grand Bassa County during a year-end-retreat.
The Regional Coordinator added that several names were recommended to be candidates for the award, but Mr. Saryee’s tremendous achievements over the years were significantly outstanding to be ignored, particularly amongst those who were nominated.
Reading the wordings of the Award, Giko declared: “Award of Recognition & Honor Awarded To Mr. Dan Saryee for your robust role exercised as a distinguished public official that have rendered numerous assistances to Liberians aimed at improving their welling and transforming the working conditions at the Liberia Water and Corporation. Furthermore, your distinct contribution to the country as an outstanding and internationally recognized former civil society actor who is ethical and independent in the discharge of your duties relative to being a people-centered and God fearing individual. In this regard, the Executives and Members of the above mentioned Pro-media advocacy group is pleased to present the special award of recognition and honor to you as Liberia’s most Outstanding Public Official of the Year 2018.”
However, in response, Mr. Saryee thanked the group for the recognition which he immediately passed on to his boss at the LWSC, Managing Director, Duannah A. Kamara
Mr. Saryee noted that the recognition from the pro-media advocacy group was a result of what he has achieved as Technical Services Manager under the supervision of his boss with support from fellow managers at the LWSC.
“We are glad today, that Liberian and African journalists have decided to give us the necessary recognition on the basis of the work we have done in the last eight months.”
Recounting his role and work in civil society, Mr. Saryee said “we worked in civil society for close to 30-years and we made meaningful contributions; we created institutions and did not leave eventually seeing them breaking down.”
According to him, those intuitions are still active and functional in the Liberian society, something he noted speaks volume about the way and sustainable processes he put in place during his days in civil society.
Mr. Saryee confirmed that he was not a passive member of the civil society; he took up responsibilities, including playing a key role to organize Liberia’s transitional arrangement which brought to power former transitional Chairman, Charles Gyudy Bryant.
“It is not a free gift that you come to give us; it is the result of the splendid work we did in public service; working as a civil society actor and transitioning to Government to provide services to the Liberian people.”
He thanked President George Manneh Weah for his appointment and the appointment of his colleagues at the LWSC, adding that it was not a mistake that the President appointed them to serve in their respective capacities.
Calling for a cemented working relationship at the LWSC in an effort to promote government’s pro-poor agenda, the Technical Services Managing Director unveiled the significant progress the Team has made so far at the LWSC to provide water as close as Gurley Street in Monrovia and the determination to reach out to all communities with water supply and connectivity.
Meanwhile, LWSC Managing Director, Duannah A. Kamara who graced Mr. Saryee’s honoring ceremony along with his deputies called for a greater cooperation amongst the workforce, including senior managers.
According to him, it is the teamwork that made the LWSC achieved the progress recognized by the media group.
He praised all departmental heads for their hard work in that last few months since they took over the corporation.

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