MCA-L Outlines Priority Projects

-For 2019 Compact Implementation
The Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) has outlined activities of five key projects as priority for its 2019 implementation of the compact that enters a critical stage with two years left to closure in January 2021.
MCA-L is the Government of Liberia agency that administers the 5-year compact funded through the US government development agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).At the end of two weeks of strategic planning meetings and workshops, December 3-15, 2018 with Government of Liberia Implementing entities, MCA-L staff and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) country team members, MCA-L outlined activities under:
1. Training Center for the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).
2. Customer Service support for the Liberia Electricity Corporation.
3. Raw Water Pipeline for the Liberia Water& Sewer Corporation (LWSC)
4. Support for the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission
5. Support for Road Maintenance
The workshops participants included staff from MCA-L, MCC, Ministry of Public Works, National Road Fund, Liberia Electricity Corporation, and the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation.
MCA –L CEO, Monie R. Captan emphasized during the opening of the workshops that “Coordination with GoL implementing partners and MCC counterparts will ensure effective implementation of compact projects.”
Mr. Captan said the workshops provided the opportunity for the government of Liberia implementing entities, as stakeholders to provide their inputs to the MCA-L work plan for 2019 and validate it for a coordinated implementation.
Also speaking at the opening of the workshop, Millennium Challenge Corporation Resident Country Director, Kateri Clement indicated that,“planning is a crucial tool for successful implementation.” She assured of MCC`s continued technical support and called on MCA-L and government partner institutions to work together to ensure successful project implementation.
At the end of each year, the MCA-L does a work plan for the following year that outlines the priority projects to be implemented.
According to the 2019 Work Plan, MCA-L will finalize procurement for the design and construction of the LEC Training Center. The Training Center will provide training facilities, equipment, materials and tools to train LEC technical staff to effectively support the company’s operational and maintenance operations.
MCA-L plans to strengthen LEC communication with customers by refurbishing its customer service center, install modern communication system and a call center to improve service delivery.
MCA-L undertakes to support the construction of a 5-kilomenter raw water pipeline that replaces the damaged LWSC pipeline from the dam at the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant (MCHPP) to the White Plains Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The new pipeline will provide fresh water to the water treatment plant from behind the dam through gravity flow and replace the need to utilize high cost electric pumping and salt-water intrusion into the treatment plant.

MCA-L also plans to support the establishment and operationalization of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission. In regulating the electricity sector, the LERC will issue licenses to power suppliers, approve electricity tariffs and standards, and mediate between customers and suppliers.
Under the roads project, MCA-L will provide support forcapacity building, planning, and road maintenance through the National Road Fund. The compact sets aside US$15M to match the Government of Liberia’s funding for periodic maintenance of the primary road network.
Through the Road Project, GoL staff have been trained on HDM4, a road maintenance-planning tool. HDM4 has been updated with traffic and road condition data, which has been used to develop a Five-Year Road Maintenance Plan.
Aside the 2019 work plan, participants produced the Risk Register for all the infrastructure projects, including roads, water pipeline, LEC Training Center and customer service center.
The Risk Register enables MCA-L and implementing entities track all foreseeable challenges likely to affect the budget, scope, quality and timely implementation of the projects.
Participants also gained improved knowledge of contract administration and monitoring as well as improved coordination between MCA-L and its GOL implementing entities.
The Two hundred and fifty-seven million dollar Millennium Challenge Corporation(MCC) compact promotes economic growth and poverty reduction by providing access to more reliable and affordable electricity and building the foundation for periodic primary road maintenance in Liberia.

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