Sen. Grupee Wants Budgetary Support To Security Sector

Nimba County Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs, Thomas S. Grupee has stressed the need for increment in budgetary support to the security sector.
This, he said, will help drastically reduce the crimes rate and violence in the country, and at the same time add value to the sector. He indicated that the security sector is paramount to the peace of the country and therefore, it should be well funded.According to Senator Grupee, when more financial and logistical support are provided to the security sector, the security actors will value the work they do and perform it impartially, holding high their core mandate to serve and protect all.
The Nimba County Senator also stressed the importance of providing more training for security personnel both at the local and international levels, stating that “this will equip our security and put them on par with their counterparts in the subregion and the world.”
He noted that security sector is an integral part of any society where the issue of citizens protection is high, and called on his colleagues at the Legislature as well as those in the Executive to see reason to step up budgetary allocation to the security sector. By given more budgetary support to the sector, the senator revealed that it will help prevent crimes and violent activities.
The Nimba legislator further lauded the professionalism and passion being exhibited in the security sector. He praised Liberian security personnel for conducting themselves in a professional manner in the absence of the United Nation Mission In Liberia (UNMIL).
Senator Grupee also condemned the recent violence act that took place in Glahn Town, Nimba County which led to the death of two persons. He admonished citizens to stop taking law into their hands when ever situation arises.

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