Electrification Boost

-Monrovia-Kakata Project Underway
The second phase of the World Bank funded Liberia Accelerated Electricity Expansion Project (LACEEP) is advancing.
According to report, the Monrovia-Kakata corridor electrification project aimed at connecting 10,300 new users to the national electricity grid has resumed. LACEEP is aim at advancing Liberia’s national Agenda for Transformation to achieve a more prosperous and inclusive society. Households, small businesses, institution as well as large commercial and institutional users are targeted as beneficiaries of the ongoing project.
Phase one of the project saw the construction of a 66 kilo volts transmission line from Paynesville toKakata, the rehabilitation of the Paynesville substation, the construction of 66/33 kilo volts substation in the city of Kakata.
A new 66/33 kV substation has also been constructed in Kakata and expansion work is being concluded on the existing 66/22 kV substation in Paynesville. The project also entails the construction of heavy fuel oil (HFO) tanks and pipelines.
The phase of the project which entails the electrification of communities in the economic corridor of Paynesville-Kakata is underway. Customers’ recruitment is underway in Soul clinic, FDA community, Mt. Barclay and Johnsonville.
This will pave the way for meter installation, which is expected to begin over the coming weeks. The project is also expected to connect customers in the city of Kakata and Wheala pending and full completion of the kakata substation and construction of 66 kilo volts transmission line between Paynesville and kakata.
LEC Public Affairs and Community Outreach team visited the four communities earmarked for connection over the weekend and informed residents of the four communities to properly wire their homes in preparation for connections. Residents were warned against individuals requesting money to mark their structures.
Network and Installation Supervisor, Brendan O’Connor cautioned residents about the danger of theft of electricity would pose to the transformers and other installations that have been installed to provide electricity to their communities.
They encouraged residents to prevent criminals from making illegal connections to the installations when the lines are energized.
Meanwhile, Mr. O’Connor lamented the negative effect power theft is having on LEC’s expansion projects by undermining revenue generation.

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