MCC Commemorates February 16, 2019, As Monrovia Day

-After 8 Years Of Non-Celebration
Monrovia City Corporation announces that on Saturday, February 16, 2019, will be the 43rd anniversary of the commemoration of the MONROVIA DAY following 8 years of non-celebration. This is in keeping with the Monrovia City Ordinance No.4 which declares the 16th of February each year to be a holiday within the City of Monrovia to be known as the MONROVIA DAY.The day was set aside to generate a sense of identity for the City of Monrovia and increase the level of awareness for the residents as well as to promote activities and program for the development in the city.
According to the City Ordinance No. 4, on February 16, 1976, for the first time in 53 years, the first Mayor and eleven councilors of the Monrovia City Corporation were inaugurated thus restoring to the residents their right to manage the affairs of the city.
The Monrovia City Corporation will host a series of activities for this year’s MONROVIA DAY. The event will commence with a prayer service. An in-door program will bring together members of the three branches of government of the city of Monrovia including the Executive heading by the Mayor , the Legislative inclusive of City Council members and the Judiciary headed by the Judge of the Monrovia City Court .
The Minister of Internal Affairs; Legislators from the political districts within the City and the members the Committees on Internal Affairs of both houses of the Legislature; commissioners of the five Townships within the city limit of Monrovia; the Superintendent of Montserrado County; development and investment partners; Officials of Government; the Media; and Well-wishers are expected to grace this occasion.
As stipulated in City Ordinance No. 4, the Honorable Jefferson T. Koijee, City Mayor of Monrovia, will deliver his “Official Message” to the residents of the City reporting on progress and challenges for the year under review.
The Mayor will at the same time presents his programs for the ensuing to year.
This year’s celebration will be held under the theme “Smart Actions for a Smart City”.

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