-With The Acquisition Of 700MHz, 800MHz and 2100MHz Frequencies
JamCell, the new Liberian Telecommunications operator makes its commitment to Liberia’s digital development entering into an agreement with the Liberia Telecommunication Authority for a 20MHz block in 2100MHz (Band 1), a 10MHz block in 800MHz (Band 20), and a 10MHz block in 700MHz (Band 28) which will be used to roll out 4G/5G cellular network. The frequencies that Jamcell have agreed upon are fundamental for infrastructural deployment in
Liberia and JamCell will in the coming years launch a number of new generation digital services such
as VOLTE, Mobile Internet, NB-IOT, LTE-M and IT services such as Connected Cars and E-learning.
Infrastructure in the rural areas of Liberia is a communication bottle neck and with the new network
JamCell aims to cover all parts of Liberia.
JamCell will use the frequency blocks, to build and launch services for the Smart City (public security,
transport, environmental monitoring), healthcare, tourism and culture, in addition to applications in the media, education and virtual reality fields. JamCell will also include different kind of IT-Cloud based services which will deliver future public and private cloud-computing resources like web servers, storage, email resources over Mobile Internet.
JamCell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Henry Broni-Amponsah, stated: “The frequencies acquired
represent a core asset for the JamCell Group’s future development and at the same time, for the ongoing digitization of Libera. The JamCell roll out is a unique case in Western Africa, which proves our commitment to innovation, and we are convinced we can continue to offer our future customers services that are the best digital experience available on the market. With our IoT network, smart sensors, expected to reach millions in Liberia by 2025, it will be one innovative driver of the next decade and the pillars on which digital transformation will be based. We shall together develop Liberia!”.
Note to Editors
JamCell INC is a Telecommunications company based in Liberia and aims to offer cellular
Telecommunications services to enhance the Liberia digital development. Our offering will be
different and backed by an experienced team of experts from the Telecoms industry. We are also
backed by traditional world-renowned Telecoms infrastructural companies to help provide the
quality required

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