Koijee Highlights One Year Achievement

Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee

Monrovia City Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee over the weekend unveiled his achievement as City Major of Monrovia.
During the year under review “we Increased reforms in Public Financial Management by expanding the Revenue Section for the establishment of the Revenue Department for increased revenue generation through improved service delivery” Koijee noted.

According to him he place for the city of Monrovia on the Executive Committee at the Global Parliament of Mayor for the first time after he got elected as an Executive Committee member and also currently
co-chair the Health Committee of the parliament.

Speaking Saturday February 16, 2018 at program marking the celebration Monrovia Day, “we enhanced public safety (maintaining order) through the extension of the City Parking Services, covering Sinkor and its environs with a plan to also cover Old Road and Congo Town in the Southern Region of the City and Bushrod Island in the North and trained more than thirty (30) young people who are currently working in the parking services” Major Koijee said.

He furthered that he retrieved advertisement services which was outsourced to a private entity in order to increase revenue generation for municipal development

According to him, employee’s salaries and allowances was increase in view of the current economic realities and to motivate staff for increased productivity and increase the workforce of the City Government from the initial three hundred and sixteen employees to an appreciable five hundred plus; with majority being young people.

“I also retained all employees in their various positions irrespective of their background, creed, as well as status. As we speak, no employee has been removed from his/her position because of political reason(s) or any one of the aforesaid reasons” He said

He disclosed that he established the Youth Project and Development Unit for Youth empowerment and sustainability.

Koijee indicated that, the annual Inter- University Debate for improved efficiency of learning and the exchange of ideas and experiences was established, and to ensure effective networking amongst Liberia’s higher institutions of learning in pursuit of academic excellence and their common good.

The Major also noted that, he increased the manpower of the Monrovia City Police through the recruitment and training of more than fifty (50) personnel at the National Police Training Academy (NPTA) to help ensure public safety

“Expansion of the Public Relations Department’s activities by the establishment a modern Online Television (MCC-TV) that is being used to boost awareness and sensitization on municipal reforms and issues of national development” Koijee point out,

He said, under his Leadership as Major we Signed of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City Government of Monrovia and the Federation of Petty Traders and Informal Worker’s Union of Liberia( FEPTIWUL) formerly the National Petty Traders Union of Liberia ( NEPTEPUL) for a safe and organized market and trade environment within the City with the goal to ensure the organization of street-selling in Monrovia, restored the allotment of the GOL-World Bank Counterpart Funding for solid waste management operations within the City and its envy” He noted

“I ensured and facilitated the delivery of three (2) front-end loaders for the MCC Solid Waste Department and three (3) pickups from the World Bank adding that The pick-ups are for the use of regional supervisions ( North, Central and South) in Solid Waste Management within the City”

“We facilitated foreign training for two (2) managers from the Solid Waste Department in the courses, Sustainable Solid Waste Management for African Countries A and Improved Solid Waste Management Technologies in Toyko, Japan under the auspices of the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) in 2018’

“We facilitated training in Access to Energy , Mitigation and adaptation for more than fifteen (15) senior management personnel under the auspices of the European Union in support of the fight against Climate Change” He pointed

He also said that established and officially launched Weah for Clean Cities initiatives in support of a Clean, Green and Safe Monrovia and Increase the Fiscal Year Budget of the City Government of Monrovia by 42%

Koijee stressed that he established an Urban Development Specialist Desk and recruited a consultant to lead the process for the compilation of data and the drafting of a Citizen’s charter for the City of Monrovia with the goal to improve upon the 1973 Act of the Liberian Legislature that transformed Monrovia from a Commonwealth to a Municipality.

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