Monrovia Experienced A Huge Setback

-Koijee Says
Monrovia City Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee says as the result of a protracted civil war, the Monrovia city experienced a huge setback ranging from economic & infrastructural breakdown to poor sanitation in almost every part of the city.“The City Government of Monrovia under my stewardship is committed to the sole purpose of making Monrovia a resilient city and improve the quality of lives of its residents most especially in the areas of solid waste management, education, Public safety and youth empowerment” Koijee said.
He made the statement over the weekend at ceremony marking the celebration of Monrovia Day held at the Monrovia City,
Speaking further Major Koijee said, “Monrovia City Government is made up of the following towns and borough namely: Gardnerville, New Georgia, Barnersville, West Point, Congo Town, Garworlohn, and the borough of New Kru Town”.

Giving his one year achievement Koijee noted that over the one year of stewardship, he was able to rejuvenate employees including casual laborers who work day and night to see a clean, Green and Safe city. In the midst of the constraints been faced by the City Government of Monrovia ranging from logistical and financial.

“We have introduced a new dynamism to city governance in Liberia which includes but not limited to Youth Empowerment, Security Reform, Revenue mobilization and potential investment into Agricultural activities” He said.

According to him, with the national threat garbage poses to the city, they have introduced a participatory leadership approach with our residents and communities which have witnessed them taking full ownership of the management of their own city; something he noted have yielded a good result for our city over the year evidenced by the collective and overwhelming support they have gotten from residents and communities within the city limits.

“As the population continue to grow, we are cognizant of the increase in waste generation on a larger scale than ever before, that’s why we have initiated a robust waste collection procedures with our eye set on a prospective private sector engagement” He said.

Koijee said, “this has being done through a Public Private Partnership arrangement in the long term with the aim of adding value to waste in our city which will eventually usher in the process of recycling, waste to energy etc”.

Koijee pointed that consistent with the spirit of the Pro-poor Agenda that influenced the National Development program of the Government Cons, the following summarizes their achievements during the one year of governance of the City of Monrovia as Mayor.

Torching challenges Koijee said the Lack of funding for the hiring of additional topnotch professional for urban management and development.

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