Liberian Orphan Advocate Wins International Orphan Award

Amos Sawboh

By Ibrahim A. Sherif
The Executive Director of Orphans Concern Liberia (Orcon-Lib) Amos Sawboh has been awarded the ‘Hero of Humanity’ award by the lead orphan organization in the world (Star Foundation).
The Star Foundation organization is the lead organization that is involved with advocacies concerning the welfare, capacity and empowerment of orphans around the globe.Speaking Tuesday February 19, 2019 in an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) at his local office in Monrovia, Sawboh presented his certificate of recognition that was bestowed upon him by the Star Foundation.
The wordings on the award States that Sawboh won the award as the result of his numerous contributions to the orphan community which is geared at seeking a better livelihoods for children who have lost their parents and have automatically become orphans.
Sawboh disclosed to LINA that he is the first person to win the Hero of Humanity Award in Liberia and West Africa at large, adding that the award brings credibility to his organization and all of the partnering organizations who contributed to the achievement and Liberia at large.
Sawboh revealed that his national and international performances with regard to orphan activities served as a basis for his recognition pointing out that his organization have worked with the African Union, South African Embassy in adopting an orphanage home and also with other organizations in supporting Orphan activities.
“We at Orcon-Lib has always championed the cost of Orphans activities. We have always proffer empowerment for Orphans in order to improve their lives. In Liberia, when you talk about orphan issues you talk about Orcon-Lib that’s our heartbeat” Sawboh noted.
The Orcon-Lib boss lauded the 12 partnering orphanages for their support adding that the award have shown that Liberians can make things work for themselves, “I dedicate this award to our partnering orphanages, my hard working staffs and Liberia”.
Meanwhile, Sawboh indicated that the Hero of Humanity award is awarded to individuals around the world that have contributed immensely to the development of Orphans around the world, “I was surprised by the decision of the Star Foundation to award me”.
He admonished humanitarians to invest more in the capacity building of Orphans which according to him will enable them provide for themselves and subsequently to others that will impact society positively.
Sawboh however called on the Government of Liberia to prioritize service to children most especially orphans stressing that when children are given better services their lives will be improve.

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