Gender Official Urges Liberians To Contribute, Give Back To Society

By Ibrahim A. Sherif
Assistant Gender Minister Maminah Carr has encouraged Liberians to contribute positively to society as a means of giving back.
Speaking Tuesday in an interview with the Liberia News Agency(LINA) at her Gender Ministry office in Monrovia, Minister Carr stated that giving back to society most especially to less fortunate Liberians will serve as a catalyst to the transformation of their lives.Minister Carr made the statement in connection to her endeavor to afford five visually impaired kids of the Liberia School of the Blind the opportunity to record a music with one of Liberia popular musician, Newton S. Woyeh Jr., alias Kizzy W.
It can recalled on December 22, 2018, that Minister Carr promised to record the music of three blind Liberian kids in one of the best studios in Liberia to ensure that they benefit from their God-given talents.
Minister Carr said the gesture is intended to show that visually impaired persons can equally do what those with sight can do adding that “visually challenged persons have many talents that can be explored and improved upon by the government, development partners as well as civil society organizations in order to give them an independent status in society”.
She lamented that visually impaired people in Liberia have many challenges reigning from lack of proper materials to foster formal education, to lack of basic livelihood, stressing that working with visually impaired kids at their early stages of their musical career will give them the chance to contribute to national development
Minister Carr disclosed that Kizzy W has decided to provide the service at no cost, stating that it is his own way of giving back to the society,”I want to give back to society and God bless me I come across someone who have the same dream and aspirations of giving back”.
She lauded Kizzy W for the sacrifice he is offering to the kids, adding that it will he develope the talents of the kids which will enable them achieve their fullest potential,”If we can start to give back in less than no time our society will get better and better”.
She called on other Musicians in the country to follow suit in the footstep of Kizzy W, “I am urging other musicians out there to help these children, it does not have to be in the school of the blind but there are other schools around with people who have vulnerability”.
“You can find a way to help them, whether it is building their talents, giving them some financial support will actually help them to strive toward success” She noted.
Music has been highlighted by several visually impaired individuals around the world and has so far proven to be a career that they can succeed in when given the necessary trainings.
Blind musicians like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Willie Johnson, Liberia wonderboy Semah G Weifur has all made wonderful contributions in the musical sector which has given them some level of independence.

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