GoL, Kuwaiti Fund Sign US$ 20M Loan Agreement

The Liberian Government and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development have signed US$ 20 million loan Agreement for the pavement of 65km of l roads linking Konia and Voinjama a major corridor between Gbarnga and Lofa.
According to acting Finance Minister Augustus Flomo at the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning (PAPD) , roads connectivity is an important part of the Pro=poor Agenda for prosperity and development .Minister Flomio made the statement Thursday at the signing ceremony for the pavement of the Konia and Voinjama road project held at the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning in Monrovia.
He indicated that roads connectivity is an integral part of human capital development.
He stated that with roads, the country can move on a fast-path to economic growth and development, because roads will boost economic activities, improve farms to market roads, and provide the medium where people will have access to basic social services.
He cited that Lofa and Bong Counties were once considered ‘bread-basket’ for Liberia, meaning most of the agricultural activities were carried out in that region and the region were able at the time to provide food for most parts of Liberia Minister Flomo pointed out that roads accessibility provides better framework for agricultural linkages, trade and economic growth.
He expressed thanked for the Kuwaiti Fund with a saying that says “In times of need, those who come to you are your friends”, adding also that the Fund has helped government to achieve its Pro Poor Agenda.
He said the government of Liberia was glad for the gesture and expressed optimism for more intervention for Liberia’s development.

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