Urey Lacks Integrity On Transparency Issues

-Wesseh Warner Excavates Urey’s Past
Mr. Benoni Urey’s latest sugar coated or somehow appealing advocacy for accountability and transparency under the pretext of being a clean politician under Liberia’s new political climate appears to run contrary to his records kept in the annals of those who are identified to be corrupt officials and individuals in Liberia.A resident of Caldwell New Geogia, Wesseh Warner who has been closely following Mr. Urey’s activities from the days of former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor, told the the Public Agenda Newspaper over the weekend that the political leader of the All Liberian Political Party (ALP) lacks the moral rectitude to criticize or condemn any Liberian, including a government official on issue of accountability and transparency.
Mr. Urey is amongst few defeated opposition politicians who are threatening Liberia’s fragile peace by announcing series of untold nationwide actions against the Administration of incumbent President George Manneh Weah, amongst other things, on account of the controversial L$16 billion and the US$25 million which was reportedly announced as a mop-up exercise to momentarily stabilize the then rocking inflation underpinned by the exchanged rate between the US and the Liberian dollars.
Mr. Warner who sounded very upset about Urey’s chairmanship of the four collaborating opposition parties said, he was shock and totally taken aback to hear the name of Bononi Urey emerged as chairman of the collaboration being formed by four of Liberia’s opposition parties.
According to Mr. Warner, the ALP political leader is amongst those named in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) report or recommendations to face prosecution for massively looting and plundering of state resources under the dreaded regime of detained former President Taylor.
Amongst other things, Warner told the Public Agenda that Mr. Urey served as head of the country’s lucrative maritime program without accountability, least to submit himself to forensic audit to account for millions of US dollars that passed through Maritime under his watch during the Taylor era.
“Mr. Urey has no history of transparency and accountability in Liberia. He is not an honest character to follow. His presence amongst the four political leaders cast serious doubts on the integrity of the collaboration,” Warner declared.
He affirmed “there are reports that Mr. Urey is the chief custodian of most of Taylor’s hidden and ill-gotten wealth” something according Warner, rendered Urey unfit to speak on integrity issues.
Mr. Warner disclosed that those who are familiar with the TRC recommendations would agree with him that Mr. Urey has reportedly committed serious economic crimes against the very Liberian people whom he claims to advocate for now. “ Mr. Urey is a jokers and a perceived economic vampire who closely worked with his partners in crime to loot the resources of our mother land. How can we trust this man with this kind of history? There are other good people in the collaboration who are worthy to listen to but not Mr. Urey on whose farms Liberians are treated like slaves.”
He urged Liberians to be mindful and very vigilant about wolf-in-sheep clothing politicians, including the likes of Urey and his collaborators who want to achieve what they could not attain during the 2017 presidential and legislative election campaign periods.

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