Islamic Communities Unite

-Signed Resolution For Greater Unity
Over 350 Imams and Islamic Scholars from 122 Islamic Institutions including the National Muslim Council of Liberia, The National Imams Council of Liberia, The Leagues of Islamic Scholars from across the country have signed a resolution for greater unity in the Islamic Community in Liberia.The resolution of the Muslim Leaders followed a two days conference March 23rd -24th 2019 on the theme: The role of the Islamic Institutions in unifying the Muslimsand their role in the national peaceful coexistence in Liberia.
The participants resolved that working in accordance with Qur’an and traditions of Prophet Muhamed is an obligatory on each Islamic institution with the understanding of righteous previous generations.

The Liberian Muslims recognize the efforts of H.E Dr George M Weah the president of the Republic of Liberia in finding solution to the inherited national problems, putting plans and agenda in developing the nation. The Liberian Muslims also extend their thanks and appreciation to the President for his solidarity with Muslim community in safeguarding their constitutional rights.

The Muslim leaders stressed the need forcooperation and coordination among the various mosques especially in receiving reverts, beginning of Ramadaan, deciding on the two Islamic fests and uniformity of sermons during critical events.

We should cooperate and coordinate among the various schools and learning institutions with keeping in mind to unify their curricula in order to smoothly achieve their aims and objectives, they said

The participants have resolved that Liberian Muslims should avoid any violent means to solve their problem and they must therefore adhere the rule of law.

The participants recommended the establishment of a union of all Islamic organizations and institutions.

The participants urged the authority in Liberia not to allow any deviant ideologies in Liberia.

The participants resolved that noone should issue a general Islamic verdict without qualification. Thus, uniformity of Islamicverdict is paramount to foster the unity and protect the general public from confusion.

Islamic Community in Liberia condemns the recent terrorist attack on Muslims in New Zealand.

Addressing the conference, the Grand Mufti of Liberia Shiekh Abubarkar Sumaworo lauded the Imams and Islamic scholars for the corporation and pledged to unit in the interest of the Islamic community.

Sheikh Sumaworo explained that they all have also agreed to respect all laws instituted by the government in the running of their respective institutions and discussed the role of their institutions in educating their followers to be law abiding citizens.

The two days conference was sponsored by the Union of African Scholars who open their membership to Liberian Imams and Scholars.

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