LRA Listed Among Top 5 FOI Compliant Public Entities

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has been named as one of the five most compliant public entities in the implementation of the Country’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Law.
In its Annual Compliance Progress Report Card released recently, the Independent Information Commission (IIC) named the LRA and four other government ministries and agencies as the Most Compliant out of 66 public institutions assessed.

“Out of 66 Public Bodies assessed; 5 are in full compliance, 7 are in non-compliance, and 54 are in partial compliance,” an LRA Press Release issued Thursday quotes the IIC report.

The four other institutions that are fully compliant include the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Independent National Commission on Human Right.

The FOI Law mandates that each public or private entity covered by the Act should have a Public Information Officer (PIO), a functional website, a proactive and current report on the entity and a review body for the Internal Review process and Current Annual Report published online (2017/18)—all of which have been met by the LRA.

In line with Chapter 2, Section 2.1 of the FOI Law, the LRA has established, maintained, and regularly updated a widely accessible and user-friendly publication scheme that provides detailed information regarding its core function, nature of its activities and operations, and information it possesses.

This fulfils the principle of proactive disclosure, which the ICC used in grading public entities’ compliance.

On Saturday (April 13), at the invitation of the IIC, the Communications, Media and Public Affairs Manager of the LRA D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh (also LRA PIO) appeared on ELBC FOI Radio program to, among others, discuss the mandate of the LRA, the role of the PIO, Status of FOI Compliance, documents or records subject to proactive disclosure and the available means through which the public can access information from the Authority.

He said the LRA remains committed in complying with the FOI Law as it believes in transparency and accountability, while collecting the lawful revenues for the country’s development.

Mr. Sengbeh called on fellow PIOs at public institutions to work in the best interest of the country by informing themselves and be willing to provide information that the public needs. Sengbeh said when the people are adequately informed, they will shun speculation and falsehood, and use the information provided to make better decisions.

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