Sen. Wesseh Extols Youth, But With Caution

River Gee County Senator Comany B. Wesseh, has extolled the major role of youth in society, but warned allowing themselves to be used by politicians at the expense of national interest.
Sen. Wesseh said Liberian youth have played significant role in the development of the country in all sectors, stressing that they must continue doing things that are in the interest of the society rather than destroying it.

The River Gee County lawmaker was speaking Thursday, May 2, 2019 at a one-day national youth policy consultative meeting held at the Paynesville City Hall, outside Monrovia.

The overall goal of this engagement, which brought together youth from across the country, is intended to ensure that a framework is put in place for the National Youth Policy (NYP), adopted by the 53rd National Legislature, to have legal backing.

The document in question is in accordance with the African Youth Charter and is geared to support long-term development of the young people of Liberia.

Accordingly, Sen. Wesseh wants youth to remain focused, as he vowed the Liberian Senate, otherwise known as the Upper House of the Liberian Legislature commitment to pass the policy document into law.

“Something good can come from here. Your youth policy document must bring confidence and hope. This policy document has been sent to the Senate and we are going to pass the youth act so that we can have something that is legislated,” vowed the Senator.

“By that, we can put money into the youth program. But again, you must be non-political. I know you; youth groups, especially for groups like Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) and Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), are not meant to be members of political parties. Those in leadership of these youth organizations must redefine their programs and action of these groups,” the River Gee County lawmaker among other things warned.

In remarks, Youth and Sports Minister, Mr. D. Zeogar Wilson, asserted that the revision of the National Youth Policy document and the development of an action plan are critical activities.

Minister Wilson indicated that the meeting underscores the importance that President George Manneh Weah attaches to the development of Liberian youth.

He noted that the Ministry of Youth and Sports, being the principal arm of government that spearheads youth activities, is also committed to given attention and promoting the activities of Liberian youth.

“In order to promote peace and enhance social cohesion and set the foundation of this country on the path of strong and inclusive development, it is important that we give adequate focus to the affairs of the youth of this country,” the Minister noted.

“This is our commitment and that is what we are continuing to do,” he among other things added.

The two leading youth organizations, LINSU and FLY pledged their support to the national youth policy document.

“We call on the young people to make their own contribution to scrutinize the document. We support this document and we call on our development partners to support it. The development will not solve the problem, it is the implementation that will solve the problem,” Mr. Mohammed Gandi, President of LINSU pointed out.

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