Koijee Wants Residents Take Issues of keeping the City Clean

-As He Rubbished Claim Of Bringing Arm Man
Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee is calling on Residents of Monrovia to take issues of keeping the City clean as their own and work collectively with the City Government to ensure a clean Monrovia.
“No one can better clean Monrovia and its envious without residents of Monrovia, and underscore the need for residents to stop depending on only the Monrovia City Government to clean the City” He said.

The Monrovia City Mayor said his vision for Monrovia is to ensure that Monrovia becomes a ‘smart’ city, developed for waste tracking and household locations and warn against negative criticism.

Speaking Sunday in New Kru Town, Koijee used the occasion to seek for a strong corporation and collaboration with people he described as his critics for the growth and development of Monrovia.

He recall that since the founding of Monrovia he is the first young man to be appointed as Mayor of Monrovia by the Liberian leader stressing that his success is the success of all young people of Liberia.

“My office is always open to you and others who may want to provide concrete subjections to me on how best the city government can be run I think this is the best way forward”. Koijee noted.

Mayor Koijee however used the occasion to rubbished claimed that he was planning to secretly bring Armed men outside Liberia to cause instability in the country mainly during June 7 protest .

Koijee said that, he has never and will never get evolve in any acts that will cause disunity in the country and warned those involved to desist from making such negative propaganda as it has a propensity to cause confusion in the Country.

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