Top Official Wants Liberian Students Appreciate Their Culture

By Ibrahim A. Sherif (LINA)

Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Margaret Cooper Frank

The Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism ( MICAT),, has encouraged Liberian students to show love and appreciation for the culture of Liberia.
Speaking at the official launch of the National High School Cultural, Musical and Drama Competition held at the YMCA headquarter in Monrovia, Frank noted that MICAT has noticed over the years that young people are not appreciative of their culture, something she said if not addressed urgently may lead to cultural extinction.She indicated that the National High School Cultural, Musical and Drama initiative among schools is intended to reawaken the love Liberians once had for their culture, adding that the culture of Liberia is very unique to the Liberian society.
Frank assured Liberians that the program will help revive the cultural heritage of Liberia and sustain the culture for the benefit of the current generation and future generations.
Earlier, Frank told the Liberia News Agency (LINA) that the National High School Cultural, Musical and Drama Competition was initially intended for 75 schools across Montserrado County on a pilot basis, but noted that more schools were not prepared for the event.
“We targeted 75 schools in Montserrado to form part of the competition, but we found out that most of the schools do not have cultural troop on their own and could not partake,” Frank said.
She said the Ministry later decided to pilot the program this year with the schools that already have the program enshrined in their curricular activities, adding that, “next year we will have ample time to train all of the schools to enable them to participate in the competition on a full scale.”
She told LINA that the Culture Department at the ministry intends to use the few schools selected to showcase the beauty of the Liberian culture which, according to her, will eventually start the idea of appreciation for culture in high schools across Liberia.
The Culture official noted that the competition is intended to acquaint Liberian youth with the culture of their country.
According to her the competition will impact the students in a positive manner thereby enabling them to value their culture, noting that a country without a culture is a dead country.”
She revealed that the Culture Department is working closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure that cultural education is reintroduced in the national curriculum of the school system in Liberia, stressing that her Department is hoping to achieve such initiative in the near future.
Frank hoped that next year following the formal launch of the competition, representatives from the 15 counties will come to Monrovia on a qualification basis in order to represent their respective schools and counties for the prestigious competition.
She then extolled Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, and Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Lance Gbagoyon for their tireless support to the Culture Department of the Ministry.
The MICAT official also commended Mr. Sheikh Sackor of the Sheikh Group of Companies, for the provision of financial support to the program, noting that the support from Sheikh Sackor enabled the department to secure a venue for the National Unification Day Program.

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