Mayor Koijee Decry financial Challenges

-Seek Assistance From Critics And Oppositions
Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee has decry City Council is facing serious financial challenges in order for it duty and function as a city government.
He said financial challenges is causing government in ability to even purchase fuel for its garbage trucks and to do other work at the MC C.“I am seriously concerned about the overwhelming uncollected garbage across the city” said Mayor Koijee.

However, Koijee said, though the city is faced with logistical constraints, it alone cannot do away with the overwhelming garbage menace.

He made the statement during an interactive forum with residents of Electoral District # 10 in Nippy Town Community located on the Old road in Sinkor.

“With all the criticisms that dirt has engulfed this city, yes, it is true garbage has overwhelmed the city, and we have series of challenges, including the absence of logistics to fast track the work” He said.

Mayor. Koijee indicated that the cleanliness of this city must not rest on the shoulders of the MCC alone but must be a collective effort of residents of Monrovia.

He said the MCC is taking a holistic approach to address the situation stressing that authorities of the Ministry of Finance Development Planning has assured them of their full corporation and assisting.

The MCC Boss used the occasion to appeal to all of his critics and opposition to do all with their power to assist the MCC in any way possible to help them clean up the City instead just criticizing.

Mayor Koijee further that if people will just sit and criticize the city corporation for dirt in the street, without showing any sign of patriotism, “then it is unfortunate, because part of the approach was to get every citizen involved in the cleaning exercise of the city beginning with their various communities.”

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