No To War Crimes Court In Liberia

-Rescue Heritage Liberia Provides Reasons
A new group of animated firebrand activists under the banner, Rescue Heritage Liberia (RHL) has expressed its indignation over any attempt by the International Community, particularly the Americans to support efforts aimed at establishing war crimes court in Liberia.In a 7-count statement released in Monrovia Tuesday to the National Legislature and disseminated to various embassies near Liberian Capital, Monrovia, the activists said, during the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord on Liberia, the then embattled government, warring factions, civil society organizations and religious organizations agreed on truth and reconciliation commission, adding that on this note, “we members of the Rescue Heritage Liberia (RHL) and the Liberian people at large, say to you the International community that we remain very resolute and No To War Crimes Court in Liberia and Yes TO Reconciliation.”
The statement signed by the group’s Secretary General, Mellish Weh and approved by its Chairman, Kaiser W. Knowlden has exposed the high degree of hypocrisy demonstrated by key members of the International Community, including the US on Liberia’s woes.
Reading the statement in Monrovia near the US embassy, Mr. Knowlden said, “Fellow citizens, we are giving you brief historical background of the troubling situation in Liberia so that you fully understand that the origin of all the troubles and massacres that took place in our country, Liberia came from the United States of America.”
According to Mr. Knowlden, there are two thoughts on the question of setting up of a war crimes court for. “ one school of thought is saying if and only if the war crimes court must be set up for Liberia, then America and ECOMOG should be in readiness to appear before such court because, they manipulated the events that led to the brutal and barbaric murder of former President Samuel K. Doe and about three hundred thousands of our people.”
Mr. Knowlden added that the group strongly believes that because it was America and ECOMOG that manipulated former President Doe to go on a confidence-building visit to the Free Port of Monrovia where he was asked to disarm his security forces upon entry without knowing that rebel leader Prince Y. Johnson was prepared to capture him in cold blood.
He said, it was the same International Community that cajoled former Pres. Charles Taylor to leave the presidency to go to any country of his choice for the sake of peace and promising him that nothing will be pursued against him.
Mr. Knowlden declared that Taylor was later betrayed by the same International Community while in exile in Nigeria, “former US Secretary of State, General Colin Luther Powell is a living witness to this deal between Taylor and the rest of the conspiring International Community.”
The statement said, the group has condemned what it described as the “hypocritical the role America continues to play against Liberians, and we therefore in this public manner, call on US President, Donald Trump”, whom he described as one of America’s finest sons who “has no stain in the bloodbath of Liberia to intervene and ensure the release of former President Taylor from entrapped imprisonment in England.”
He noted that it was “hypocritical on the part of America and her associates to allow former Pres. Taylor and others to languish in prisons in Europe and America while Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf whom he described as one of their chief architects of the Liberian crisis to continue to be given jobs in Europe and Africa, something the group believes was a mockery of intelligence and asked for the unconditional release of all Liberians, including former Pres. Taylor who are in jails on issues that border on war crimes.
Meanwhile, the group declared that “until these concerns as contained in this statement are critically looked at and addressed, we remain vehemently opposed to the establishment of war crimes Court and selective judgment while one is languishing in prison, others are walking in freedom.”

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