MCC To Begin Rapid Collection Of Garbage Around The City

-As Mayor Koijee Raps On Sustainable Approach To Address The Daunting Waste Challenges
The Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee has revealed that the City Government of Monrovia will ensure a timely and robust intervention in the current waste crisis beginning tonight.Addressing Journalist at the MCC Conference hall, on Friday May 31, 2019, Mayor Koijee said “the MCC will start with immediate effect in clearing the two waste transfer stations beginning tonight, which will pave the way for the collection of waste at the various disposal points around the city”.

According to Mayor Koijee, it is not the intention of the City Government to keep the city dirty as been perceived by some individuals but a situation which was cause by natural disaster.

He noted that the haul road at the Landfill site in Whien Town where the garbage is been disposed is currently damaged which has prevented trucks carrying waste for disposal to have easy access.

The Monrovia City Mayor noted that currently engineers have been engaged for the past days to rehabilitate the road that leads to the landfill site and are expected to create a reasonable space today before the collection of garbage commences.

However, the City Government of Monrovia has identify a tentative deposit mechanism at the landfill which will allow the MCC reduce the garbage at our disposal points and hope to start scaling down effectively Sunday.

The Mayor has with immediate effect asked all markets in the city to close down on this Sunday to enable the city Waste Management Team to have a smooth collection at various market places of void hindrances.

“We assured you that everything is under control right now and our solid waste team and engineers are on top of the situation” he added.

He has cautioned residents of Monrovia to remain calm and help the city authority in curtailing the influx of waste at various collection points around the city by avoiding indiscriminate waste disposal.

“The issue about Solid Waste or garbage is not and can’t be a single Jefferson T. Koijee responsibility. It’s a collective effort from you in the various markets, communities, businesses as well as various homes” he told Journalists at a News conference on Friday.

Mayor Koijee challenged everyone to look beyond the normal chinches “filthy Monrovia, dirty city” and all the negative descriptions and work with the City Government to ensure a safe, clean, green and healthy city.

The Youthful Mayor further noted that despite the fact that the government is trying to find a sustainable waste management approach, it cannot be done without the involvement of patriotic and well-meaning Liberians.

“As we move to revolutionizing waste management through a Public Private Partnership (PPP), we call for a mindset of change from the homes, schools, public places, communities and the at large” Mayor Koijee concluded.

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