Sinoe County Urges Citizens To Stay Away From June 7 Protest

Sinoe County citizens are urged to stay away from the June 7 protest. The group, Crèmes of Sinoe (CROS), in a statement said street protests are no solution to Liberia’s prevailing problems and offer no sensible benefit to Liberia, and particularly to the people of the County.CROS says the June 7 Protest is ill-advised and ill-timed and that Sinoe County, the third original Liberian province known historically to be peace-loving and peace-abiding, cannot join the protest and any chaos-invoking event in the country.
The group says Liberia’s peace is too fragile, following years of conflict, and its democracy nascent to be disrupted and undermined by street protests which even stronger democracies and long-peaceful countries can hardly stomach.
CROS believes that the ballot box or frequent electoral processes are the most plausible solutions for strengthening Liberia’s democratic culture, sustaining the peace and growing the economy.
Street protests in the name of exercising a constitutional right even amid hardship and fragile peace is totally unpatriotic and unconscionable and should be rejected by the wise people of Sinoe County.
The people of Sinoe County are too smart and mature to contradict their overwhelming vote that brought to power the current leadership which under grim conditions is struggling to make Liberia better, and promising to a lot of goodies for the county and its citizens.
CROS is calling on all Sinoeans, whether in Liberia or abroad, to stay away from the June 7 protest and every activity associated with it.

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