Court Orders Buchanan Businessman Arrested

-After Failing To Show Up To Trial
The Second Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Bassa has issued an arrest order for a local businessman, Charles A. Edward after he failed to show up for his arraignment in court.
Edward was initially arrested and charged on October 26, 2018, with unlicensed sale and distribution of narcotics. Police say Edward had 414 grams of cocaine worth US$16,544 and 58.8 grams of heroin worth US$2,058.
He was forwarded to the Buchanan Magisterial Court before later being transferred to the Second Judicial Circuit Court for trial.While a property valuation bond was filed on Edward’s behalf by Anthony Kumeh and Alice Kumeh on November 13, 2018, Judge Joe S. Barkon said the law requires the presence of the defendant in court for arraignment. Edward failed to show up in court on Monday, June 3 when the case should have resumed. Additionally, Barkon said the Kumehs, who filed Edward’s bond, did not provide any formal communication explaining why they and the defendant were not in court for the commencement of trial.
Edward owns the Garden Park entertainment center on Kilby Street in Buchanan.
Meanwhile, the court has also sentenced Sundaygar Willie to 25 years in prison for beating his girlfriend to death.
Jurors had already found Willie guilty and Judge Barkon sentenced him on Thursday, June 6.
“The clerk of this court is hereby ordered to immediately inform the superintendent of the Buchanan Central Prison to affect the court’s final judgment,” the judge’s final ruling stated.
Courtesy Bushchicken

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