Speaker Chambers Wants Constituents ‘Recall’ Lawmakers

-For Poor Representation
House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers is calling on constituents of districts to recall Representatives who have deviated from the main purpose for which they were elected to the Liberian parliament.
According to Speaker Chambers, the House of Representatives is a place where serious-minded people assembled to craft laws that will improve the lives of the citizenry, provide oversight and ably represent the people who repose confidence in them as their lawmakers.. “People should understand what the legislature is. People who elect lawmakers to represent them and those representatives have forgotten their roles and responsibilities and have turned themselves into independent lawmakers need to recall those representatives,” Speaker
Chambers said.
Speaking on a local radio station in Nimba County at the weekend, Chambers stated that some members of the House of Representatives have grouped themselves under the banner: ‘Independent Legislative Caucus’, a body that is not a statutory unit and lacks constitutional backing, apparently for the purpose of hindering the functions of the first branch of government.
Dr. Chambers, who wondered why some of his colleague would choose to break up and form an unrecognized group with an agenda different from that of the overall agenda of the House of Representatives, asserted that apparently members of the ILC don’t know or have forgotten what they were sent to the House of parliament to do.
He opined that it would rather be prudent for members of the ILC to call themselves minority or majority, as those are the names of bodies of parliamentarians, and frowned on the act of wearing regalia and other attires that don’t represent the Capitol Building.
Responding to a question about the relationship between him and members of the ILC at the House of Representatives, Speaker Chambers stated that as far as he is concerned, under his administration, he has tried to place lawmakers on committees as per their expertise, making specific reference to Representative Larry Younquoi, who is the Chairman of the Independent Legislative Caucus (ILC).
Speaker Chambers indicated that under his administration, Younquoi despite being head of the ILC is enjoying the highest level of leadership in history as lawmaker in the House of Representatives, something which, he noted, speaks volume of his tolerance and willingness to work with every member of the House for the good of that body.
He stated that Representative Younquoi currently heads Liberia’s delegation at the International Parliamentary Forum and on one occasion, he has designated Representative Younquoi to represent him as Speaker in Abuja, Nigeria.
He wondered why some of his colleagues who are serving in strategic positions under his leadership would act and feel otherwise to make citizens think that there is a split or division in the legislature.
According to Dr. Chambers, he gave opportunities to all of his colleagues with the expectation that they would use same for the benefit of their offices and constituencies and the country, but expressed regret that some of these individuals have failed to utilize the opportunities given them and have resolved to form a non-statutory and unconstitutional unit to hinder the functions of the legislature.

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