Liberia On Time Bomb!

-War Drums Sounding
-16 Year Peace Under Threat
Unfolding hostile developments in Liberia suggest that the country’s future is in the state of uncertainty. Many ordinary Liberians are living in fear on a daily basis; threats of protest and counter-protest have kept the people on edge. The Public Agenda looks at latest unfriendly development across Liberia and now Reports.
16 years ago, Liberia’s belligerent forces headed by various warrant factions raised white flags and surrendered their war materials with the help of the international community, including Liberia’s traditional allies to symbolize the end of a 14-year bedlam characterized by total madness and mass destruction of nearly or more than 250,000 lives and vandalism of the country’s infrastructures.However, despite three successive post conflict democratic elections, Liberia is yet to fully regain its prewar status, 16 years later; the country’s economy is still in a poor state; infrastructure development is gradually ongoing; the new political administration under President George Manneh is demonstrating signs of commitment to consolidating the peace and exerting efforts aimed at improving the value of democratic culture.
Free speech and freedom of the press have been further decriminalized by the passage of media friendly laws.
But despite all the gains the country is making gradually, sounds of war drums are heard nearly every day which many ordinary Liberians at home and in the streets are not happy with.
Wesseh Warner, a factory worker who recently lost his job told the Public Agenda Thursday in Monrovia that Liberia’s 16 year peace was under severe threat, adding that the “country is on time bomb. My brother, no one needs to tell you. Every day we wake only to hear news of threat to the country’s peace; this is something that worries people. Although times are hard, we are still surviving but in war, the condition would be terrible and we don’t want that to happen again.”

Members of COP

A group of Liberians under the canopy of “Council of Patriots” (COP) recently led a mass protest in Monrovia and converged on Capitol Hill with the intent of presenting a petition to the Liberia Government to address its concerns, including some national issues which the government has earlier promised to address.
However, the group failed to present its petition on the day of the protest but chose to make new demands which led the entire process to end in deadlock.
A day later, the group unveiled contents of the petition to the media asking the regime to, amongst many other things, address prevailing economic crisis in the country and threatened additional actions if the government fails to address its concerns.
Pres. Weah has also called on all Liberians, including heads of political parties, civil society leaders; religious leaders; student groups, marketers and so far to sit at a round table to discuss the country’s vexing problems.
Meanwhile, while others are praising the mood of the Liberian leader to bring aggrieved people to a round table, there are some Liberians who are still beating warlike drums by threats and intimidation.

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