LiNCSA Official Craves Efforts Aimed At Effective Arms Control

The acting Chairperson of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA), Bennietta T. Jarbo, has outlined plans by the agency to put install mechanisms that will help improve the effective control of small arms in Liberia.
Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency on Wednesday, Jarbo indicated that the agency is partnering with the Liberia National Police in the implementation of its statutory objectives.“We will continue to work with the Liberia National Police in the issue of arms control” Jarbo said.
Jarbo stated that there are laws that prohibit a civilian from carrying firearms in the Republic of Liberia stressing, “The laws are very clear, no one is allow to carry arms until you have been given the right to do so.”
The LINCSA official dismissed speculation that people are allegedly carrying small arms in communities across Liberia, noting that “it is not true that there are arms around the country. Because the institution is working very hard in making sure that no citizen possesses arm except being given the permission by the Government.”

“If we see anyone with arm and find out that you are not a certified carrier by the government you will be dealt with in keeping with the law of Liberia,” Jarbo added.

Meanwhile, Jarbo has called on hunters across the country to regularize their hunting status by registering the arm they use to hunt.

She warned that any hunter caught in violation will subsequently be arrested, charged and forwarded to court for prosecution.

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