Min. Gayedyu Lauds OSIWA For Support To Liberia’s OGP Chapter

The Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Information, Daniel Gayedyu, has extolled the Open Society Initiative For West Africa (OSIWA) for its support towards the procreation of the 4th Action plan of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Liberia chapter.
“The Government of Liberia on this occasion expresses its gratitude to the Open Society Initiative for West Africa for the support of the project,” Gayedyu said.He disclosed that OSIWA has taken the Initiative to underwrite the entire cost of the OGP Transparency and Accountability project which costs US$65,970.00.

Speaking Thursday at the official launch of the project title: “Advancing Transparency, Social, Political & Financial Accountability in the Governance Process” at the Innovative Campus in Monrovia, Gayedyu reaffirmed the Government of Liberia commitment to Transparency, Accountability, Citizen participation and government responsiveness to its citizens.

He indicated that the government has made gains in the implementation of commitments in the third Action Plan, adding: “The government has completely delivered on the commitments to implement feedbacks mechanism to build accountability in the Liberia National Police.”

“Data relating to the police are more transparent, accessible and useful to citizens who can now report the breaking of law by a police officer,” Gayedyu noted.

He also revealed that the OGP has also delivered on making information around land ownership and use more open and useful to the public.

“We have been able to fulfill the mandate and responsibility of the Freedom of Information Act by ensuring the appointment and training of additional public information officers in the fifteen counties across the country,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Country Director of OSIWA, Massa Crayton, has indicated that open governance comes with a lot of other issues, citing accountability, transparency, and responsiveness of government to its citizens through awareness and citizen participation as important aspects in good governance.
“Liberia is one of the signatories to the Open Government Partnership and as such has committed itself to the principles of the OGP. This means, as Liberians, we have to work as Government, civil society and citizens in general to ensure that those principles of OGP that we have ascribed and affixed our signatures to are successfully implemented without reservation or any one group left behind,” Crayton said.

She asserted that it is the wish of OSIWA to support processes, initiatives and organizations that help build the general citizenship which is aimed at improving the governance structure of every state in the region and the continent at large.

She expressed thanks to the OGP Secretariat for their tireless contribution to the process of open governance which, according to her, serves as catalyst for transparency and accountability.

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