Sen. Joseph Rallies Support For LRRRC

Ruling CDC’s Montserrado County, Senator Saah Hardy Joseph is rallying support for Liberia Refugee Repatriation & Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) has he made a passionate plead to all companies operating in Liberia, adding that the efforts would buttress LRRRC’S drive to help rehabilitate disadvantaged youths across the country. Sen. Joseph said, the companies can provide the assistance needed to the disadvantaged youth through corporate social development fund they usually give to areas in which they operate, adding that he will use a week to lead a campaign in Montserrado county for every company operating to demonstrate its corporate social responsibilities towards the zogos program.
He made the disclosure during the launch of the 2019 survey to track disadvantaged and the National Internally Displaced People (NIDPs) in Monrovia.
To demonstrate his commitment to the initiative, the Montserrado Senator has pledged one million Liberian Dollars (l$1m) as his initial contribution to LRRRC in an effort to enhance the project, adding that any assistance that is provided, the LRRRC will be in the position to provide vocational and Technical Education for the disadvantaged young people to enable them make meaningfully contribute to the growth and development of Liberia.
He expressed the belief that if all the disadvantaged youths are provided that needed technical and vocational skills, they would desist from their usual habits of snatching phones and stealing other items from people, rather they will now be seeking job employment opportunities on the market
Meanwhile, sen. Joseph has however encouraged the management and staff of LRRRC to work assiduously with the Legislature to ensure the success of their dreams. According to him, if the budget doesn’t reflect the activities of LRRRC in its totality, he would against the passage of the budget.

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