Clar Weah Accelerates Women Empowerment Campaign

The Chief Organizer of the “She’s You Movement”, Clar Marie Weah, has accelerated women and girls’ empowerment campaign across Liberia.
Among other things, the “She’s You Movement” is aimed at promoting women empowerment, and ending all forms of violence perpetrated against women, girls and children in Liberia.
Speaking at the official launch of the “She’s You Movement” in Monrovia Thursday at the Centennial Pavilion, First Lady Weah said, “I stand to support the effort of women and girls because, when women are empowered the nation overcomes challenges.”According to her, the future can only get better when women and girls are empowered, adding that a country can in no way be developed without women’s participation.
The Liberian First Lady indicated that, the latest initiative which is the first in the country, is not meant to enrich her family but to positively impact the lives of many in Liberia and Africa at large, stressing that she remains restless until every woman in Africa stands the chance of being part of the movement.
“We intend to remind all women and girls that this is not the time to sit back while the men are at the forefront; we must all sail the ship together in this democratic society,” she added.
She further stated that the “She’s You Movement” seeks to eradicate the transmission of HIV/AIDS as well as ending gender-based violence and maternal mortality in Liberia.
Madam Weah declared that that the Movement maybe her dream but it requires collective efforts of every Liberian in order to be achieved.
Meanwhile, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor asserted that securing gender equality is amongst the basic principles and respect for human rights, noting that it is a key quality of all economic and political progress.
“For more than twenty years as a gender advocate, I know that in order to reach the designated “0 goal” of full equal participation of women in our society will need collective cooperation and commitment for all.” she said.
VP Taylor further stated that in many countries around the world, women have been under represented in the governance system.

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