Ellen’s Hot Potatoes In Pres. Weah’s Hand

-But ‘Country Giant’ Undeterred
Although former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf unconditionally relinquished power democratically to incumbent President George Mannah Weah following his landslide victory during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, Madam Sirleaf left on the presidential table what others called “hot potatoes” that must be cleared by her immediate political descendant.
As The Public Agenda Reports, Pres. Weah, often referred to as “Country Giant” has begun the clearing exercises and perhaps, mistakenly or intentionally, came to a point where he was compared to open one of the containers in which some of the hot potatoes are served for clearing.People have begun to feel the temperature from the first container and various reactions are now greeting the President’s actions.
In the last 12 years, former Pres. Sirleaf managed in her interrupted first and second terms to accumulate plethora of corruption cases but she was not able to prosecute any of those indicted in the various audit reports.
The former Liberian leader gave various justifications, including family link, friendship and sympathy for her failure in the fight against corruption which she described as “public enemy and vampire” respectively.
Her successor, Pres. Weah, who is not a traditional Liberian politician is now being confronted with the battle against corruption, and bravely, Pres. Weah has begun to review the various audit reports which some Liberians described as “hot potatoes” on the presidential table.
So far, the government has released names of a number of audit indictees without fear or favor and promised to expose more names of those caught in various audit reports during the Sirleaf regime as far back 10 years ago.
Liberia’s new Solicitor- General Designate, a fighter and an uncompromising Liberian lawyer, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus who is now operating with a Letter of patent while awaiting confirmation from the Liberian Senate, has announced two options for the alleged culprits; restitution or prosecution.
Although Pres. Weah announced he would fight corruption shortly after his inauguration, he did not show any action as to when and how the fight would begin until he came under pressure from critics and various groups to prosecute those implicated in various audit reports left on the table by his predecessor, Madam Sirleaf.
Perhaps, some of the critics and their supporters took Pres. Weah for granted and did not know that their pressure on the regime would awaken a sleeping dog and that the “Country Gaint” would muster the courage to expose and prosecute their friends and family members whose hands are were caught in the cookies’ bottle.

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