Tell BBC That George Weah Is Ridicule-Proof—And Tested

By Sherman C. Seequeh
It takes only those who don’t know and follow the boy from Gibraltar right here in Clara Town to bother about or celebrate derisions targeting him. The one parroted by the BBC the other day is so far the least or inconsequential in the chain of others.The fertilizer of George Weah’s rise to soccer stardom, beginning with Barrolle and Invincible Eleven, was mockery, scorn, sarcasm and ridicule, and even insults. He was mimicked as lean, lazy, careless and sluggish.
While partly funding the National Team and bearing the national flag abroad during the war years, Weah was subject of insult, mockery and contempt by Liberians.

Don’t even talk about his days playing in Europe, when racism was at its zenith. He was called many demeaning names. He was black African monkey. He was Liberian rebel. He endued the cruelest of racial slurs.

Amid the scorns and mockeries that he endued in the hands of his haters on the field here in Liberia and abroad, how did he fare? Didn’t he surpass all in the football profession at home and in Africa? Apparently, instead of blocking and discouraging him, the mocks and ridicules rather provided Weah the compost and catalyst that catapulted him to the pinnacles of football legendry.

Don’t even talk about his advent into politics. Liberia is zone of death when it comes to politics. Mimicking, insults, gossips, mischaracterizations and contempt are the raw materials of Liberian politics. And since 2005, no Liberian politician has been the target of ridicule and contempt than George Manneh Weah. While struggling to be President, he was perniciously caricatured in various crude ways unimaginable. He’s sluggish. He’s a neophyte. He’s dull. He’s unfit. He’s everything negative. For 12 long years, he lived in the demonization pool.

But what did we see later? Just as he did in his athletic sojourn, George Manneh Weah survived the scorns and contempt. He surmounted the underestimation and mockery. On January 22, 2018, he was inaugurated. The moral puritans, the ace academics, the consummate intellectuals are still today nursing the wounds of the waterloo.

As he picks up in the early days of his first 6-year tenure, it is expected that contempt, mockery, misrepresentation and underestimation which naturally catalyze his success and achievement would come to the fore.

Those who are not ardent followers and watchers of the rise of the Gibraltar offspring would see the current onslaught of ridicule, sarcasm and contempt from haters at home and even from the BBC abroad as a low point or a minus or a loss of popularity. For the keen followers and watchers, we know that insults, satires, ridicules and scorns are the necessary and appropriate raw materials without which George Manneh Forkeh Klon Jlaleh Tarpeh Tuflahn Manneh Weah cannot succeed. It’s good and most assuring that these catalyzing depravities against him are popping up, and the likes of BBC are trumpeting them. For us, it’s all reason to celebrate because mockery and scorns are signs his success nearby.

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