Signs Of Crisis!

-COP Threatens Nationwide Protest
-But Pres. Weah Preaches Peace
Liberia’s fragile peace is undoubtedly under severe danger. 16 years ago, the County closed a gloomy chapter of a brutal civil unrest. It is reported that more than or nearly 250,000 people lost their lives and millions of worth of properties vandalized in the aftermath of the 14-year civil aggression.
The war did not end by chance; it took times, efforts and millions of offshore monies in addition to precious lives to bring the crisis to an end; heads of belligerent groups and their supporters later realized that the war was senseless and vowed never again to go to the battlefield to destroy the motherland; this was achieved thorough the help of the International Community by the divine grace of God. Before the unpopular 14-year civil war which commenced on December 24, 1989, various forms of protest or agitation preceded the civil crisis, but ordinary people did not know what was ahead until they saw themselves in various displaced or refugees camps and could not afford for themselves but only relied on NGOs for survival.
However, it is not clear whether some Liberians know that the International Community is not prepared to return to Liberia immediately with relief items and dispatch peace keeping troops 16 years later after they spent millions, millions of dollars to restore and maintain peace.
Protests around the world are necessary in any democracy to improve good governance but when the planners of protest actions conceive other motive, including destabilization of peace instead of putting pressure on government to improve prevailing conditions for the betterment of everyone, then it becomes a matter of concern, says Wesseh Warner, factory worker who recently lost his job as a result of prevailing economic crisis in the country.
While other Liberians are praying for God’s intervention to address prevailing hardship in the country, some of the citizens under the banner “Council of Patriots” are threatening nationwide protest ahead of Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day slated for July 26.
The group in a press conference Friday in Monrovia said, “Today, we, the members of the Council of Patriots, announce a renewed and continued protest from Wednesday, July 24th until all of our demands are met.”
According to the group, “this will be a nation-wide protest covering all counties and a call to address all of the issues affecting our country. In announcing these actions, we renew our pledge to SAVE THE STATE and call on all Liberians and our international partners to join this long march to address the plight of our nation.”
It is calling on all Liberians at home and abroad, irrespective of religion and political persuasion to stand up to “save our nation,” however, the government is yet to issue official statement on the latest pronouncement from the COP up to press time.
Meanwhile, President George Manneh Weah during his first official state visit to the Guinean Capital Conakry, said, peace in both Liberia and Guinea and the entire West African region must be maintained at all cost, adding that it is essential for growth and development which everyone yearns for.
The Liberian leader told a hall full of Guinean politicians, prominent citizens and foreign dignitaries that the way to ensure lasting peace was to observe the rule of law, and to embrace all the tenets of democracy, where the rights of each and all citizens are protected under the law.
The Liberian leader noted, “Our region and countries are safer when democracy is practiced”, calling for a strategic partnership to protect the porous borders between the two countries, while at the same time ensuring the smooth and efficient migration of the people as they seek their livelihood through cross-border trade.
He added: “We must re-kindle and strengthen our bilateral relationship in the interest of regional peace and security. We must put back on track those things that will work to our mutual benefit, and restore the close ties that have been allowed to drift somewhat apart.”

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