Uproot Them Mr. President! The People’s Regime Is Running Into Problem!

WE ARE HONESTLY CALLING on you, Mr. President, to be proactive and take radical decisions to redeem the image of the people’s regime which you are presiding over.
THE PEOPLE IN THEIR numbers demonstrated their power in 2017 when they ignored old time politicians’ plea for the presidency and elected you, considering that you are one of their kinds and hoping that you would not replicate the deals of the rejected old time politicians. SOME OF YOUR ALLIES, including ordinary people who still believe in you are of the strongest opinion that it is time to be proactive and safe your integrity and the integrity of the people’s government.
WE WANT YOU TO UPROOT the “enemies” in disguise who are in the government because, too much of negative things are coming out to the public, and are overwhelming the administration’s tremendous achievements in a relatively short period of time.
WE ARE NOT, ABSOLUTELY not, holding your administration entirely responsible for the current economic tragedy which Liberians are enduring unbearably because, we know the source and cause of the predicament; in fact your predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf predicted what is unfolding in the country now, so we are not surprise.
BUT OUR CONCERN IS the new negative developments that are reportedly being masterminded by some of your “trusted allies” whom you appointed in government to help but are cleverly undermining your efforts and the people’s regime.
WE ARE DIRECTLY REFERRING to those who built iron wall around you and making it difficult for you to get the actual report of negative things that are happening in the country; it is obvious that they would tell you that all is well to make it appear that “all is well” but it is not well, Mr. President!
WE NEED NOT TO BE told that those who built the Iron Gate around you are not sincere with you and the Liberian people; they are pushing selfish interest at your detriment and the detriment of the masses’ interest. You need to uproot them!
THEY NEED TO BE uprooted because; they are not protecting the image of the Government but are watching without doing anything to protect the image of the administration.
IF YOU CONTINUE WITH the current team in the next the three years, Mr. President, we can predict that you would have difficulty ahead particularly when elections would be at hand; it is time to fetch for the right people in government, people who will execute what you desire for the Liberian people.
THERE IS A SONG WHICH I think you know very well “some will eat with you but you don’t know their hearts.” A hint to a wise is sufficient! Mr. President.

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