‘ALAD’ To Storms Providence Island July 19

Advocate Liberia Abroad for Development (ALAD) has scheduled it official launch Friday July 19, 2019 at the touristic Providence Island in Monrovia.
ALAD Is a non profitable culture organization that has been Incorporated under the laws of Liberia for the purpose of reviving, developing and sustaining the cultural heritage for the growth and development of Liberia.Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism, the Executive Director of ALAD Sam Wisseh stated that the primary objective of his institution is to promote culture for bilateral integration.
He lament that the culture heritage of Liberia is gradually going down the drain and something needs to be done quickly to resuscitate it.
“Our vision is to reach Liberia to the transformation roadmap and place Liberia among the top class of visa applied nations” Wisseh noted.
He indicated that the organization will officially be launch under the theme sustaining the peace in Liberia through culture and custom.
According to Wisseh, the keynote speaker of the program will be ECOWAS Special Representative Babatunde Olanrewaju Ajisomo, Deputy Minister for Culture and the Director of Passports and Visas Andrew Wonploe will serve as the Chief launcher of the program while the co-launcher will come from UNESCO.
Wisseh disclosed that the program will be graced by a lot of cultural performances from various culture groups across Liberia, including; Slad Liberia culture troupe, Black Sugar Comedy, and many more entertainment groups.
“Kids around six, seven, and eight years will also be there to showcase their talents. What we know about Liberia is that it has a dance style that is a valued heritage that is added to the rich cultural life in the country” the ALAD official explained.
Wisseh revealed that the program will be attended by astute individuals with in both private and public sector, amongst such people are, Representatives for World Bank Group, Swedish Embassy, Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism, Lance Gbagoyon, Assistant Minister for Culture Margaret Cooper Frank, Assistant Minister for Tourism Princess Turkolon and others.

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