LIS Holds Interactive Engagement With Alien Community

As a means of providing adequate information to aliens relative to activities of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), the institution over the weekend held an interactive engagement with aliens in the Township of West Point.
Speaking during the engagement, LIS Commissioner General Robert Budy said the community interaction is intended to improve the relationship between members of the alien community and LIS.“We want the alien community to see us as their friends and not as a threat to them. Gone are the days when aliens see immigration officers and hide,” Budy stated.

“We try to hold this forum in order to bring immigration to the people instead of people coming to immigration. This Administration under my watch will always bring immigration to the alien community,” Budy said.

He, however, called on members of the alien community to abide by the laws of Liberia.
For her part LIS Deputy Commissioner for Naturalization Asatu Bah Kenneth said the initiative is also intended to encourage aliens who are residing in the country to validate their documents in line with the LIS regulations.

“The naturalization department of LIS has realized that most aliens are residing in the country illegally. This meeting is not intended to intimidate or arrest you but rather to find a way on how we can work together in addressing the numerous challenges we are faced with as partners,” Kenneth noted.
Also speaking, a participant of the engagement Sulaiman Jalloh lauded LIS for the initiative.
According to him, such initiative will enable aliens living in the country to know the rightful steps in validating their stay in Liberia.
“This initiative is the first of its kind in the West Point community, if sustained it will help solve many of the challenges faced by LIS and the alien community.

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