Hundreds Stranded Due To Poor Saclepea-Tappita Highway

By S. Kannay Ziamo, Nimba County Correspondent
GANTA, July 21 (LINA) – Hundreds of commuters traveling from Monrovia to Nimba County and the southeastern region are stranded along the Saclepea-Tapita highway due to the deplorable condition of the road.
The Liberia News Agency correspondent, who visited the area last Thursday, said about 19 heavy duty trucks and several smaller vehicles transporting passengers and goods from Monrovia to other parts of Nimba County and the southeastern region are stuck in a “very long stretch of mud” starting from Saclepea to Zuolay and extending to as far as Tappita in Nimba County.The correspondent reports that some of the stranded commuters he spoke to informed him that they have spent more than a week in the mud, and that efforts by operators of the vehicles to get them out have so far proved futile.

Mark Wesseh, a trader travelling to Maryland County from Monrovia, said most of his goods have been damaged, while others are losing value due to the long stay on the highway, noting that the situation will cause him to lose thousands of dollars.

Rachael Dahn and Menkapoe Vaye from Tappita, who also spoke to the Liberia News Agency, said almost all of the plantains and cucumbers they were taking to Monrovia to sell have rotted, and they see no need to continue the journey, even if the car carrying them is removed from the mud.

They said the deplorable condition of the road requires urgent attention as it could further worsen at the peak of the rainy season.

They said it is regrettable that this road also leads to the largest referral hospital in the county located in Tappita that caters to patients from Nimba, the southeastern counties and neighboring Guinea and Ivory Coast.
This stretch of road usually becomes deplorable during the height of the rainy season, but its current condition is grave and might even worsen if nothing is done urgently to address the situation, as this is happening at a time the rainy season has just begun.
When contacted, Nimba County Superintendent D. Dorr Cooper said the county administration is aware of the situation and is working with the central government and partners to source funding to maintain the road until the dry season when all will be set for the “total” pavement of the road.

He wants citizens of the county to exercise patience as all is being done to alleviate the sufferings they are going through during this rainy reason.

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