CDC Calibrating

-Seeks To Reclaim Wounded Image
From all indications, it is becoming indisputably clear that the ruling mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), a conglomeration of three political institutions, is gradually losing the prevailing propaganda war to the opposition community. The recently held Montserrado County combined by-elections, including senatorial and representative elections have uncovered that the Coalition is sinking in its citadel.But As Public Agenda Reports, the CDC has announced its latest strategies, including efforts to calibrate with the hope to reclaim its stronghold and mend the broken pieces ahead of other senatorial elections in 2020 and the presidential and legislative elections in 2023.
According to CDC, the calibrating efforts would affect some partisans who are in the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government, particularly those who are reportedly undermining the pro-poor agenda of the regime; it is yet unclear who are the officials undermining the George Manneh Weah led administration that prompted the startling defeat of the Coalition in the Montserrado County senatorial by-election.
In the final results, NEC’s Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Kokorya has declared opposition candidate, Abraham Darius Dilion winner of the senatorial by-election defeating ruling coalition’s candidate, Paulita C.C. Wie.
According to report gathered so far, most of votes obtained by Dilion were protest votes from people, including partisans who are disgruntled with the way and manner things are happening in the country, particularly the state of the Liberian economy.
In Electoral District Number 15, Montserrado County, there is also a ‘Seesaw’ battle going on between the ruling CDC and the four opposition collaborating parties; it is very clear who would be announced winner of the polls.

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