SIS Keeps The Touch Burning

-WASSCE Results Give All 26 Students Marching Order
As authorities of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Monrovia National Office released results of this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) maiden exams covering senior and junior high schools, Seku Ibrahim Sheriff (SIS) on Sunday August 4, 2019, located on the Somalia Drive JJY community graduated 26 students from the class of ATINA (OUR TIME), who make 100 percent pass rate of (E8) in at least one subject.Serving as guest Speaker, Sheick Al-Moustapha Kouyateh extends his gratitude to the administration for the institution’s show of vibrancy and excellence. He also thanked the parent’s for their continuous contribution towards their children’s education, ‘the best legacy you can leave for your child or children is quality education”.
“You have built a solid and quality education or foundation for your children, if the foundation of the child is built, they will not be afraid of anybody and you always be opened to people and recognize others”, said Kouyateh.
“I also thank the principal of the school and the teaching staff for their contributions towards the quality education they are providing for the students”.
He encouraged all parents to support girl-child education, “let us prepared our girls before they go into marriage”.
Also making remarks, the Representative of the Ministry of Education Musu Dixow-Badio Regional Education Officer (REO) lauded the administration of the school for their quality education, and also thanks the teaching staff, the parent for their support given to these students.
“To you the graduates, today you are receiving Diploma and Certificate, this is the gateway for every step you take you will be asked for your certificate, this is just the bargaining let the sky be your limit congratulation to you all” Madam Badio said.
For his part, Vamuyan S. Sheriff the Principal of the school thanked everybody who despite their busy schedules graced the occasion, and promised to equip the institution to make it more attractive to students.
He warned the graduates to be serious on their new journey, and encouraged them to continue their educational pursuits.

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