Ten Jailed For Stoning PSU Vehicle During Protest

Ten persons have been incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly throwing stones at the Police Support Unit (PSU) vehicle on July 31while the cops were trying to prevent the protesters from blocking the street.
The ten men gathered at the Buzzy Quarter and Camp Johnson Road intersection and illegally blocked the main route, causing inconvenience to other road users by preventing vehicles and the movement of people.The defendants were on Friday arraigned before the Monrovia City Court to answer to the charges levied against them.
Those sent to jail are P. Amos Johnson, Daniel Massagai, Mathew Menyon, Anthony David, Baysah Yah, Prince Saydah, Paul D. Mulbah, Teta Kollie, Abraham Sirleaf, and Augustine L. Paye.
The defendants were investigated and charged for rioting, obstructing highways, and other public passages and disorderly conduct.
It was based on the action of the protesters that the Police Support Unit was instructed by the Police authorities to remove the defendants from the main street to allow vehicles and pedestrians move freely.
While removing the defendants from the main street, the rioters began throwing stones at the PSU officers and their vehicle for which they were arrested and taken to the Liberia National Police headquarters for investigation.
During police investigation, the defendants admitted been members of the organizers of the protest and revealed that the protest action was based upon their plan to draw government’s attention to their plight.
Police charge pointed out that the action of the defendants is in violation of Section 17.1, 17.7&17.3 of the revised penal code of the republic of Liberia.
Meanwhile, the defendants were forwarded to the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting court trial.

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