“Ultra-Virus, Unacceptable”

-NMCL Reacts To Aggrieved Muslims
MONROVIA-The leadership of the National Muslim Council of Liberia (NMCL) has frowned on recent action of some aggrieved members of the NMCL who recently announced a breakaway faction of the organization, terming such pronouncement as a complete misunderstanding of the rules and policy of the NMCL as well as the values and teachings of Islam.NMCL National Secretary General Sheikh Arkibu Sheriff announcing the Council’s official response to the aggrieve NMCL members, as well as describing their action as ultra-virus and unacceptable.
It may be recalled that a group of Muslims aggrieved over election delay within the NMCL called a press conference in Monrovia a fortnight ago and declared Sheikh Omaru Kamara’s leadership as illegitimate and announced a breakaway faction to lead the organization, prompting a major rift within the organization.
Internal wrangling within the organization in recent months has been largely centered on the call for the holding of fresh election in order to usher in a new leadership, an agenda being pursued by some aggrieved groups within the organization.
On the other hand, the current leadership of Sheikh Omaru Kamara, Acting Chairman of the NMCL, has repeatedly called for patience as his administration gradually concludes a reform process of the MNCL.
Sheikh Kamara’s critics have consistently accused his team of NMCL executives of hanging on to power too long, but the latter has always counter argued that turning over the organization’s leadership to a new breed of leaders in the absence of vital reforms necessary for its overall growth and development would only leave it even more fragmented and weak.
Meanwhile, the Liberian Network has gathered that a team of technocrats are already concluding the NMCL’s reform process which is expected to set in new guiding rules and principles for the effective and efficient running of the affairs of the organization in years to come.

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