High Court Still Handing Down Advanced Opinion

– Chief Justice
Supreme Court Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor says the Court is still handing down advanced opinions in high profile cases after which the court will close its March Term to open on the second Monday in October.
According to Justice Korkpor, an adjustment has been made to enable the Bench come down with opinions in cases that the court has already entertained argument.Chief Justice Korkpor said the court will finally close its March Term on Friday, August 16, to reopen on the second Monday in October.
The Supreme Court of Liberia meets two times a year, March and October, and each court term runs for six months before closing for a break.
Chief Justice Korkpor further stated that on Tuesday, August 13, the court will hand down opinion in the cases of Isaac Jackson of the Bureau of Maritime, the Liberia Marketing Association, which is on appeal, Commercial Court Associate Judge Richard Klah alleged bribery, amongst others.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Korkpor made the disclosure on Friday at the call of the first case.
Meanwhile, Korkpor has advised journalists to report the facts in the performance of their duty.

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