Pres. Weah Dedicates 50 Modern Housing Units in Popo Beach

President Weah flank by First Lady and LACE Executive Director in to cut the ribbon

– Vows To Serve All Liberians
President Dr. George Manneh Weah Friday, August 9, 2019 dedicated 50 housing units in Popo Beach, New Kru Town, using the occasion to reassure Liberians that he would continue to serve all citizens in terms of development without discrimination.
Addressing hundreds of jubilant residents at the dedicatory ceremony, President Weah said he is President for all Liberians and will take development to every nook and corner of the Country so that every citizen has a fair share of the National Cake. President Weah urged Liberians, irrespective of political persuasions, to refrain from acts of segregation and stop falsely accusing and labeling other Liberians without any proof.
He said such a tendency could undermine national peace and development.
The Liberian Chief Executive again reminded the audience that it would be difficult to move the country forward in the absence of peace and unity. He therefore called on Liberians to always ensure the maintenance of peace and unity.
“I want the people of New Kru Town to know that I am not a stranger. I did not come to politics as a stranger,” the President stated. “I am developing our slum communities because I also experienced life in a slum when I was growing up. My duty is to ensure that our development agenda – the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) – works for all Liberians.”
He said his preoccupation is to improve the living standards of all Liberians, and to particularly ensure that those in slum communities and the remotest parts of the country are jerked out of the abyss of poverty.
President Weah also denounced claims that his government was doing nothing to improve the wellbeing of Liberians, insisting that the government has performed in less than two years than previous administrations did.
“What I want to do is to fulfill the mandate you gave me at the poll in 2017,” he declared. “Before the six-year mandate you gave me comes to an end, I want my development footprint to be seen and felt across the country. Although we did not promise heaven but we promised development and that is what we are doing.”
President Weah thanked the management of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) for ensuring the construction and completion of the housing project within the specified time.
He said some Liberians doubted him when he announced that the government would rebuild and modernize the damaged homes in the space of two to three months.
The Liberian leader appealed to the beneficiaries of new the housing units to properly manage their homes and ensure they are kept clean always.
The President put the cost of housing project totaling 50 units at over US$800,000.
Three months ago, the president promised to build the housing units for victims of fire disaster that hit the community. The units include 24 for the victims and 26 for other neighbors in the communities who were living in zinc shacks.

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