VP Taylor Urges Africans To Battle Ancient, Modern Signs Of Slavery

The Vice President of Liberia, Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, has told delegates at the Heritage and Culture Society of Africa (HACSA) 2019 Summit in Accra, Ghana that it is time that West Africa fight against ancient and modern manifestations of slavery in the region.
After 400 years, VP Taylor said the time has come to lift the hidden, inhumane stories of horror from the corners, onto the pages of history books, and expose the gruesome inhumanity of man to man.She noted: “It is time to acknowledge the fullness of the wrong perpetrated against the black race, and to incorporate the lessons learnt into our lives, as we boldly declare, by the clarity of our words and the persuasion of our actions.”
The Liberian Vice President spoke in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday when she addressed delegates attending the HACSA 2019 Summit.
The HACSA Summit is a convergence of political leaders, professional and civil society actors to discuss the legacies of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and its attending impacts on Africa and its people.
It was founded in 2016 by Ambassador Johanna O. Svanikier, and has since witnessed the participation of more than 2,000 individuals from more than 35 countries around the world
“As we gather in this historic place this morning, at this historic time, let us each remember that today is not just about our past, but about our future; it is not just about the shared pains that we are right to feel from our history of slavery, but rather it is also about the commonality of our destiny; which we are also right to claim,” Taylor noted.
She stressed that it should be kept in mind the pain of slavery will never be forgotten until the youthful African population becomes the energized dividends that they are; through the provisions of access and availability of quality education to which all of “our children are justly entitled, as well as through the equality of opportunities, here at home, to live better and more decent lives.”
VP Taylor pointed out that Ghana and Liberia symbolize not only ‘Points of Departure’ into slavery, and ‘Points of Return’ as freed men and women dedicated to the quest for freedom, self-governance and self-determination; but like the vast expanse of the African continent.
“Together, we represent, however imperfectly, an oasis of hope, freedom and aspirations for the black race,” she told the gathering.
Regardless of the challenges the two nations are faced with, Taylor cited that Liberia and Ghana are forever dedicated to govern themselves justly, equitably and with dignity for all, and thereby, “continue to contribute not only to the richness in diversity, culture and history of our world but also to the quest of our humanity to be advanced in peace, in justice, in the sciences, in industries, in good governance and in equality.”
According to her, the common purpose is not one dedicated to racial superiority; because to think and act as being racially superior would be to re-live the tragedy of history in which one race lost the essence of its humanity by the subjugation of another race – only and because of the color of their skin.

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