JESTINA TAYLOR: Her Lies & The Conspiracy Theories

Gibson W. Jerue

By Gibson W. Jerue
Before I proceed to discussing the lies that Jestina Taylor told to the Liberian people, I must firstly condemn the alleged attack on her. In my entire life, I hate violence. I believe only people who have weak intellects will espouse violence over the healthy exchange of ideas. Jesitna should never have to go through this; she should never have to be fighting for her life, no matter what. I wish her well and speedy recovery.
Haven’t said that, let’s now discuss the several blatant lies in Jesitna’s Facebook video rant. Of the many false statements that beg reasoning I will point out three glaring lies that are not only disingenuous, but they are also very dangerous and unpatriotic. In fact, one of them specifically places the country and government at odds directly with the United States government. Now, let’s look at the three lies and why I consider them lies.

1) President Weah sent them to kill two Americans: Stop to think for a moment about this wild allegation. Imagine President George Weah for everything you consider he is capable of doing. Do you really think this President or any Liberian president is capable of ordering the secret execution of American citizens? This has not happened in our political history before.

Can President Weah be the first to assassinate US citizens for whatever reason–for money, mining, etc? Does it not defy logic that Weah who is seeking attention from the US will now commission a secret mission to assassinate American citizens? Think further. She claims she was on the mission to go to the Ivory Coast to kill the two US citizens. But when they [I don’t know who are the “they”] remove her from the mission because it was certain she was going to divulge the secret.

Again, think over her statement for a second. Do you think if President Weah actually sent a group of assassins to kill two Americans and one or two are discovered to be snitches, they will just let her go just like that? How easy to know this is another lie.

What kind of a group of assassins who will just let a snitch leave them without any consequences? Is this what you guys want us to believe? IT IS A LIE! But like I have said above, this kind of lie can put the Liberian government in direct confrontation with the US. And that is what those war-mongering, crises-invoking opposition elements are craving for. It’s not right!

2) They dropped us from the group: As I have indicated this woman who claims she was a former ATU personnel knew she was lying. There is no way she will be part of a group of assassins, they discovered she would disclose the secret assassination on two Americans, and they will just say, “Sweetheart, you are no longer part of this assassination mission. Go and live in peace, even though we know you will tell about the secret mission”.

Do we look like people who are drinking water through their noses to accept such a cheap fabrication? I know Liberians are very gullible, but this one too? She said they just simply dropped her from the group of assassins because they knew she and others were going to expose the secret…just like that, they dropped her from this kind of crucial mission and she was still living up to the time she made the video rant?…IT IS A LIE!

3) Koije and others hid weapons/arms on Taylor’s farm: According to Jestina, she and Jefferson Koije and others took weapons from Mali and hid them on Taylor’s farm in Bong County. She did not say when was the arms brought to Liberia and hid.
However, there are two eras we are talking about here:
A) Koije in opposition, and B) Koije in government. In case she meant when Koije was in opposition politics, how come this was not exposed long time?

That would have been a treasonable crime that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would have love to prosecute. Besides, that farm of Taylor is being taken care of by close family members and there are others who know more about what goes on there. If arms were hidden there, Oscar Cooper will know. Benoni Urey will know. Jewel Howard Taylor will know. Sando Johnson will know.

Did all these people know and did nothing about it? Or on the other hand, if Koije hid the arms why in government, does it make sense that a legitimate government will buy arms and ammunition and hide them away in some farm? Does this not defy logic? IT IS A LIE!

Liberians, we must be mindful. This fragile peace we are enjoying could be shattered just because we allowed it to. After 14 years of bloodletting, killing each other, are we still acting in ways that will bring this country to it s knees?

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