Who Are The Judases In Weah’s Camp?

-As Government Loses Propaganda War
From all indications, some political analysts say, it is safe to declare that the George Manneh Weah-led administration which was overwhelming elected by the masses of the Liberian people in 2017 is losing a propaganda war thereby making the people’s regime unpopular and detestable despite the President’s efforts to intensify and actualize infrastructure development across the country.Opponents of the regime are effectively using the prevailing economic crisis in Liberia to launch a propaganda campaign against the President and his administration, although what the country is going through at the moment is not the creation of the Weah administration, some analysts say.
The Public Agenda is investigating reports that some top officials of the Weah regime are protecting their individual images while exposing the image of the President and his administration to other forms of attacks and unwarranted media onslaught.
According to the report, these top influential officials (names withheld) who are part of the President’s kitchen cabinet are telling the President one thing while they are doing different thing under cover.
The unconfirmed report says, while Pres. Weah and his regime are under attack, the doers of the acts that are making the government unpopular with people are clandestinely in contact with those who are inflating media attacks on the government.
Many who know Pres. Weah much better have confirmed that he is a good man and his intention to development Liberia is still uncompromising, but the impediment to the President’s intension is his inability or courage to identify those who some describe as “Judases” (traitors) who are clandestinely destroying him underground.
Calls have increased across the country for the President to look and thoroughly check amongst those who claim to be his close allies on the on hand but on the other hand, are eating with those who think the government is not doing anything good to continue to be in power.
A senior official in the Executive who preferred not to be named in print said, until the iron curtain built around the President is totally demolished, he would not know the traitors in the regime.
However, up to press time, this paper has not been able to independently verify who built iron curtain around the Liberian leader and making things difficult for the President to know who the real enemies of his regime are. The search begins!

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