Access Information On Labour Ministry Website

-Finance Official Urges Citizens
Deputy Finance Minister for Economic Management, Augustus J. Flomo, has urged citizens and non-citizens to make maximum use of the new website of the Ministry of Labor to access reliable information on labor matters.
Speaking at the official launch of the Ministry of Labour website in Monrovia recently, he said in order to “be transparent in everything we do in public offices, we must be able to provide accurate information about what we do in our various ministries and agencies through these platforms.”According to him, communicating information to the public in an organized way can help the citizens and others to have better knowledge of what the government is doing in the various ministries and agencies, adding that “it is prudent enough to make ourselves and work visible in order to present the government positively to both the national and international communities.
He, however, lauded the Minister of Labour, Moses Y. Kollie, for the hard work since his appointment by the President, adding that this initiative will enable citizens to get information, explain problems at their job sites, and complain human traffickers through the state-of-the-art website on labor in Liberia.
“I believe that if we make use of this website it will push the government to interact more with the public and become more serious to improve our service delivery,” Flomo said.
He encouraged employees and other international partners not to spend their money on transportation to visit the ministry for information, but should instead go to the website for all their information needs and to also explain issues relating to their jobs and entities.
“As a responsible government we are committed to making ourselves visible across all ministries and agencies by providing good information that are needed by the public,” Flomo stated.
The deputy Finance Minister lamented he negative way people spread information in Liberia, adding that, people should be able to be accurate and balance in the message they carry in order to maintain the peace.
Also speaking, Labor Minister Kollie applauded the MCC Project for the support to the website, adding that the launch of the platform was a success story for the labour sector of the nation.
He cautioned the public to use the website wisely to help move the nation forward, adding that, through this initiative the ministry should be able cover cases at the various institutions.

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