UNESCO Affirms Continuous Support To Liberia’s Education Sector

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has reaffirmed its commitment to support the educational system of Liberia.
UNESCO Liberia Director Stevenson Seidi said the organization remains committed to partnering with the Government of Liberia in improving the nation’s educational system.Seidi observed that the nation’s education system has a lot of challenges, citing that it requires the effort of every citizen to solve some of the problems that the sector is faced with.
The UNESCO official made the comments in Monrovia over the weekend at the close of a five-day workshop on ‘E-Learning/Assessment Materials, ICT-based Continuous Professional Learning and Teacher Education Framework.
Held at a local hotel in Sinkor, the week-long workshop was organized by UNESCO in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
Seidi emphasized, in his closing remarks to participants, that there is a need to reform the education sector of Liberia, indicating that, “when it is not reformed it will be impossible for new policy implementation.”

According to him, the workshop will have a positive impact on education, because teachers will now understand the importance of working together in improving the sector of the nation.
Also speaking, the acting Director for UNESCO in Namibia, Maurice Nkusi, said the challenges that are being faced by Liberia’s education system derived from several factors, including the implementation of policy, financial problems and the lack of human resource.
Nkusi noted that these challenges and problems can be solved but it will take time, citing that “when people are together and decide to do things together they can relatively achieve their goal.”
“There is a hope, that the education system in Liberia is going to improve, because the citizens want to see improvement in their system,” he said, stressing that implementation of policy is the beginning of improving the sector.
According to him, the knowledge Liberian teachers have acquired through the workshop, which includes professional learning, teacher’s education, and curriculum framework development, will empower them to make significant impact in improving the nation’s educational sector.
“The platform that UNESCO and the MoE have put in to place is going to do what have not been done for the past years by working collectively in improving the sector,” Nkusi stressed.

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