Rights Activist Bendu In Hidden

-Fear For His Life
A Liberian Human Rights Activist Prince Bendu recently came under attack by some arm men at his home in the town ship of Gardnerville outside Monrovia.
According to sources, Prince Bendu who was one of the supporter of the June 7, 2019 protest organized by “Council of Patriots”(CoP) in Monrovia came under attack, because of his role play during the protest, and anti-government expressions in their communities.

An independent investigation conducted by this paper has established that government’s covert operatives are using every means possible to get even with those perceived as supporters of the anti-government protestors; the threats have intensified ahead of another round of nation-wide protest announced by the group under the banner “Council of Patriots”.

A group of bad boys (Zogoes) have reportedly been hired to deal with anyone who will announce support to the latest planned protest.

Two members of the group (Zogoes) have warned family members of Prince Bendu to be very careful and stay away from crowded areas on ground that plans were afoot to harm him before, during and after the day of the new protest date.

Maybe, they took the warning from the Zogoes for granted and during a riot in Congo Town on July 31, 2019, some of Prince Bendu friends were brutalized by security forces, although they were not directly involved with the riot.

But few days after the riot, neighbors alerted family members of Prince who are very close friends and perceived as collaborators of anti-government protestors to be attentive because strange individuals were making regular visits in the communities and at times wanted to know about those in the communities who are spreading misinformation about the Weah regime.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Prince is still unknown; he has gone into hidden, for fear of his life.

However, the situation is brewing tension that could culminate in a mass protest being planned for December 30, 2019 by a vocal talk show host in collaboration with some political parties and other interest groups to the new policy.
They insist if the government doesn’t abandon course and curb corruption which is prevalent in this administration, they will ask the president step down. The group argues while measure looks good, it untimely.
So far, the government is not reneging on the policy which political analysts believe make the December 30, 2019 protest inevitable.

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