Three Times Defeat!

-Weah Gives Urey Bloody Nose
Some political psychoanalysts are of the very strong opinion that the just ended political battle in Montserrado County Electoral District #15 was technically between two powerful individuals, including Mr Benoni Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and George Manneh Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).
The two individuals were represented by their proxies, Telia Urey of the ALP and Abu Kamara of the CDC; they were backed by their respective political allies and coalition forces drawn from various political camps. It was totally uncertain to predict the winner of the District #15 by-election given the caliber of forces that lined up behind each of the candidates, particularly after the CDC shortly lost the senatorial by-election in Montserrado County to the opposition collaborating political parties.
However, Mr. Urey and his forces put up a strong fight to disprove the CDC strongman’s belief he owes about the Ureys political credentials.
And when the campaign reached its zenith for the by-elections, speeches were made to encourage or discourage voters from both camps.
But in his reaction to Urey’s anti-government and CDC’s remarks, the torch bearer of the CDC, President George Manneh Weah declared: “Benoni Urey is not associated with victory. The only thing I can recall about Benoni Urey when he wanted be off from sanction list; I took him from sanction list. This is the man who has never ever won anything. He supported his brother or cousin, Clemenceau Urey; I told him I would defeat him and I defeated him 78% with Geraldine Doe-Sheriff. And then when I defeated him, he came again to test my resolve. He himself came to get in into the race, the same race I was in; what a mockery to democracy! I gave him 61.5% and today, he‘s talking about democracy and forced his daughter be on their coalition ticket. But this one, I will leave it with you. You must flog that little girl so Benoni Urey would know……”
The battle has ended finally and the National Elections Commission (NEC) has declared Abu Kamara of the CDC the winner of the Representatives by-election.
According to NEC, Kamara amassed the total of 8,678 votes, representing 49.2 percent, while archrival, Telia Urey of the ALP obtained 6,868 votes representing 38.9 percent of the total votes.
NEC Acting Chairman, Jonathan Weedor, following the pronouncement of the final results Thursday, praised residents of District #15 for casting their votes in a peaceful manner.
Kamara’s victory comes following controversies that surrounded the July 29 first phase of the by-election in the district which led to a rerun in six precincts containing 20 polling places on August 28.
The rerun was the result of NEC Hearing Officers and Board of Commissioners’ ruling into a complaint filed against the conduct of the poll by candidate Telia Urey while the ballot counting process was in progress.
Ms.Urey complained against NEC for what she termed as “several irregularities” that occurred during the conduct of the July 29 by-election.
However, NEC Hearing Officer, Mauna Ville, in his ruling, stated that the petitioners failed to prove their allegations against the commission, adding that the hearing chamber believed that the ballots that were quarantined as the result of the complaint could have been tempered with given the fact the NEC Data Center Director failed to give the exact time and date the ballots were sealed.
He, therefore, called for a rerun in the affected places within ten days, a ruling that candidate Abu Kamara took exception to and filed an appeal to NEC’s Board of Commissioners.
The Board, however, upheld the ruling of the Hearing officers and called for a rerun in the affected areas.
Candidate Kamara then filed another appeal to the Supreme Court of Liberia, but later withdrew the case, a move that led to NEC setting August 28 as the date for the rerun.
Urey, however, conceded to an early defeat on Wednesday before NEC could announce the official results.
“Against so many odds and evil, we fought fiercely, not for personal gains, but for a better district and a better Liberia. We may have lost this election but we have won the confidence and trust of our people. Our fight will continue for the rest of our lives,” she stated in a Facebook post Wednesday evening.
The by-election was intended to fill the vacancy left by the death of Representative Adolph Lawrence, who died in a car crash along the Robertsfield Highway in Margibi County sometime this year.
The defeat of Telia brings to three the number of times Weah has defeated the Ureys.

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